Once someone mentioned a good person and their quality, words like kind, patient, helpful, loving, understanding come to mind. However, we can identify a good person not by words that are describing them but by what they do.

Good people never hold anger or revenge on people who hurt them but walk away instead and leave karma to do the dirty work.

Good people are always reaching to help others and remain as the purest souls among us. Keep reading and find out 17 more traits of a truly kind and good person. Who knows, maybe you’re one of them and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

  1. They never stay mad at people for a long time

Truly kind and good people can’t stay mad at people they love for a long time. Sometimes they don’t even get mad at all. However, once you cross their limits of toleration, they may never speak to you again. As for strangers who tend to hurt them or already did, they turn their back without arguing and leave. Good people always have something smarter to do than argue.

  1. They will boost your happiness when you’re feeling blue

A hug from them is all you need in order to feel better when you feel bad.

  1. When you are happy, they are happy

They will never get jealous at someone else’s success or happiness. On the contrary, they will be the first to celebrate other’s success, such a promotion or buying a new car.

  1. Although they sometimes feel bad, you will never notice their sadness on their face

Truly kind and good people always seem so cheerful because they don’t want to spread negative energy when they feel sad or disappointed. Their smile covers their broken soul and you will never notice they’re sad unless you know them better than you know yourself.

  1. Although they have gentle souls, they also have a brave heart

Good people are usually gentle souls with a brave heart and that’s the reason why they can’t suffer a heartbreak. Instead of confronting with people or cause drama, good people walk away instead and let silence do its thing. They act like they’re not hurt and like you never even existed.

  1. Good people never complain about their problems

And that makes them the best company ever. People who complain all the time can spread negative energy and drain yours in order to feel better. They don’t know that complaining leads only to misery, while truly kind and good people, on the other hand, are completely aware of this.

  1. They are born to help others

Is your car broken? Don’t worry because the next thing you know, these type of people will be honking in front of your home to give you a lift.

  1. They are warm-hearted people

This means they value friendship or any other relationships they have in their life. They will never let you down, argue about stupid stuff or make an adultery.

  1. A hug is enough to comfort them

Although these people tend to keep their emotions private, due to their sensitivity, they can sometimes start crying unintentionally. And a hug is enough to comfort them and bring their smile back on their face.

  1. Why they hide their emotions and problems so good?

You are probably wondering why are they so silent when it comes to their private life and problems. Well, in order to keep you focused on your emotions and problems, good people tend to hide theirs from you and spare you from unnecessary worrying.

  1. They have a positive vocabulary

Truly kind and good people always tend to have a positive vocabulary and watch their mouths when talking to people. They will never say something that may offend you or hurt your feelings.

  1. Empathy and sympathy are their best friends

In other words, these people are other people’s comforting blanket when their world is falling apart and everything seems hopeless.

  1. You will never have a hatred conversation with these people

Are you planning to argue or fight with a truly kind and good person? Sorry to disappoint you, but their heart is not filled with hatred and they simply can’t argue because they are not used to it. Arguing and fighting are a simple waste of time for them.

  1. Their ego is very very small, almost unnoticeable

These people never use their ego to make decisions, and never put their ego before love and forgiveness.

  1. They always laugh at your jokes

Even when they’re not funny or seem offensive because they don’t want to make you feel stupid or uncomfortable.

  1. Their dark side is gray

Truly kind and good people seem like they don’t even have a dark side. In fact, their dark side is gray because even if they decide to yell or argue with you, they will choose words and a lower tone in order to prevent a bigger fight or make you feel offended.

  1. They are the omen of positive energy

Their smile is contagious and they tend to share their positive energy because they are happy when people around them are happy too. Everyone enjoys hanging out with good people, however, not everyone always gets the chance. Although these people are prejudice-free, they are also picky when it comes to choosing their friends or partners.