Those who speak much is known to be intelligent. Those who ask too much, children who can easily express themselves are known to be intelligent as well. It might be related too, but intelligence is completely a different thing.

1.They cannot be easily distracted.

When someone with a high IQ score looks at a picture, they tend to see the details later on because intelligent people, be lost in important things instead of focusing on details. Not everything can easily distract them. They get easily concentrated.

2.They are the night owls.

Smart people are more proud to stay awake at the nights. They’re more productive and creative during the nights. According to one study, published in 2009 in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, there is a relationship between the IQ scores and one’s sleep routine. Smart people stay late at night and wake up late in the morning.

3.They accept the things they don’t understand.

Intelligent people quickly realize the things they do not understand. They can easily express if there is something they did not understand.

4.They are curious.

Not curious as a regular people, concerning about other peoples’ lives but they’re curious and hungry for knowledge.

5.They are open-minded.

Intelligent people accept, welcome and appreciate differences. They also tend to question the things before they adopt them.

6.They prefer loneliness.

Intelligent people tend to prefer to be alone for the most of the time. They do not enjoy socialization as other people do. They’re happier when they socialize within their minds.

7.They have a good sense of humor.

Intelligent people are actually funny. They do not own a single sense of humor. They can easily make people laugh. Their sense of humor is universal. According to a research, professional comedians tend to be more intelligent than the average people.

8.They’re sensitive to other peoples’ experiences.

Intelligent people can easily understand the emotions and the thought of other people. They are good in knowing a person with a high emotional intelligence.

9.They have a habit of delay.

Intelligent people forget the things they must do, instead, they leave it to the last minute.

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