For those of you who haven’t heard of the term ‘EMPATH’ or you have but don’t know its meaning, we’re here to explain. An empath is a gifted sensitive person who can understand the emotional and mental state of other people.

Although they’re seen as fictional characters, these people actually exist. They are often affected by other people’s energy and can even feel their intentions and actions. They also perceive spiritual urges, thoughts or physical sensitivity. If you identify with everything we told you about these people and doubt if you’re an empath yourself, scroll down and check out the 10 signs that prove if you are a HARDCORE EMPATH without even knowing it.

  1. An empath has a gut that goes well beyond intuition

You can’t hide stuff from an empathy because they always sense what’s going on. Period. Their gut goes well beyond intuition. The more focus they get, the more clearly they feel your state.

  1. An empath is becoming overwhelmed in public

Crowded places like super markets, malls, concerts or other public events make them feel overwhelmed with feelings because they receive numerous emotions from many people.

  1. An empath takes other people’s emotions as their own

These people will always understand the motives of someone of the individuals’ intentions because they take their emotions as their own and can predict how they will affect their actions.

  1. Watching violence and brutality can break an empath’s, heart

An empath has a hard time watching or dealing with brutality or violence because that breaks their heart, and it can get a lot worse if they let their emotions take over their dark side.

  1. An empath can detect a lie very easily

Although they don’t tend or want to sense lies sometimes, they can’t fight their gut that’s telling them whether the person sitting next to them is a liar or not. Transparent people annoy them

  1. People will often confess you their problems and mistakes if you’re an empath

Average people see an empath as a person they can confess to and always tend tell them their problems and mistakes, not carrying about their problems which an empath hides so well

  1. An empath may suffer from back pain and digestive problems

One of the seven chakra points and the solar plexus chakra are located in the center of the abdomen, and that’s why an empath may suffer from back pain or digestive problems. Incoming emotions also weaken their biological system by surrounding the abdomen which, and that can also be one of the reasons why they suffer from these health issues.

  1. Miserable people always attract the attention of an empath

People who are in pain or people who suffer from their own reasons are always an attraction for an empath. An empath will never turn head when you need help but give you a hand instead.

  1. An empath’s energy is usually drained

They tend to help other people and share positive energy and compassion and that’s why most of the time they feel drained and tired. However, they never feel sorry for it but pleased because they managed to help someone feel better.

  1. An empath is often an addict

Although they receive other people’s emotions as their own, Empaths can sometimes feel completely drained and in need of a recharge. That’s when they block out emotions. However, because they can’t easily turn their heads to people who ask for help or look like they need it, Empaths usually turn to smoking, alcohol, drugs or any other kind of suppressant that will make them feel careless and relaxed.

Once you read the 10 signs of a HARDCORE EMPATH, you think you’re one of them? Share your thoughts with us in the comments, and if you are an empath – be proud of yourself. People like you are extremely rare these days.

Reference: Parhlo