Although we humans should be doing everything we can to keep animals safe and sound, sometimes animals are the ones that take care of us, especially dogs. People who do not love animals are in most cases those who harm them and don’t have compassion for their pain.

Humanity has failed this planet in so many different ways, however, animals didn’t and that’s why we love them. I personally love dogs and have two at home and I can say that there isn’t a better friend than a dog. And if I could, I would save all the stray dogs I see on the streets. My heart breaks every time I pass them by but there isn’t much I can do alone.

If people become more human and aware that together we can do more and help these cuties – only then we can make a real change. Until then, let’s take a look at the 5 times when dogs have proven to be more human than us and ask ourselves: ‘Why do we call ourselves humans when there’s no humanity in us?

  1. A stray dog saves a newborn baby from the trash

Many stories have circled about the stray dog saving the newborn baby from the trash and an actual photo showing the dog carry the baby in its mouth proves the truthfulness of this story. However, the location where this happened remains unknown.

Although the media reported it happened in many different states such as Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, we can’t say for sure which one is the exact location. Anyway, what’s most important that dogs are certainly more human than the actual humans. The dog was far more human than the mother who decided to end its life by throwing her newborn in the trash. As unbelievable as it sounds – it’s true. According to stories, a man saw the dog with the baby and took it to a hospital. Today, the baby is alive and healthy thanks to the stray dog who saved its life.

  1. A dog saves a deer from drowning

We can’t say for sure how that the deer fell into the water but what we can tell you as a true fact is that a dog saved its life. According to reports, the dog saw the fawn in the waters of Long Island, New York and swam into the water to pull the deer to the shore by grabbing its neck.

However, after the dog owner went to look for help, the deer darted back in the water again. When the owner dog saw the deer drowning for the second time, he ran into the water and saved the animal. Today, the deer is alive and okay. And although the man saved his life the second time, let’s not forget who was the first to pull out the drowning deer from the water.

  1. A dog saves a newborn buried alive in China

According to reports, the dog’s owner Yang Jiali noticed her dog was upset and started to dig a hole under a bush. After a while, Jiali noticed a newborn buried in the ground, wrapped in white clothing and had a mouth full of mud. The baby was taken to a hospital and was saved.

The doctors reported that it was a 1-month-old baby with a serious illness, and that was probably the reason why his parents buried him, allegedly thinking that the baby is dead. Although it had a slow breathing and slow heart rate, the baby survived. According to statistics, over thousand newborns with birth defects are abandoned or killed every year in China. Luckily, this baby was saved by a dog and once again, dogs have proven to be more human than the actual humans.

  1. A dog saved a woman from drowning in the river

A woman named Brenda Owen was taking a walk with her dog when she suddenly spotted a woman floating in the river and a wheelchair on the riverbank. However, she wasn’t the only one who noticed the drowning woman but her dog also. Brenda was yelling for help but there was no one near, so she relied on her dog and yelled: ‘Fetch, Penny, Fetch!’ Without any hesitation, the 10-year-old dog ran into the river and pulled the woman to the shore. The woman survived.

  1. A pit bull saved a woman and her son from being attacked

A woman and her child were walking home after visiting the playground and as they walked, a man approached them from behind and told them not to move. He was holding a knife. At the exact moment, a pit bull appeared and attacked the man. Animal activists couldn’t tell the exact reason for the dog’s behavior but they assume that the pit bull wanted to save the woman and her young son. Some blame pit bulls for being aggressive when in fact they’re not and even if some of them are – it’s because of their owner’s training or treatment. We’re always blaming animals to be the aggressive ones, but when are we going to blame humans for their inhumanity?

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