Although you think that people couldn’t care less about each other today, there is still that type of individuals that tend to help and ‘fix’ other people in order to make them feel better.

Those people are called ‘the healers’ and although many people think they’re fictional, they exist and their purpose in life is to do as much good as they can for others.

Are you currently looking for an extraordinary girl that you can build a new relationship with? Chose a healer because a girl who tends to ‘fix’ people will remain as the finest girl you ever had and these are the 10 main reasons why.

  1. She never gives up

A girl who tends to fix people never gives up until she gets what she wants or gives up on you if she loves you. She will always encourage you to follow your dreams as she follows her dreams.

  1. She sees only the best in people

Instead of pointing out your imperfections, a girl who fix people always looks deeper in people and sees only the best in them. You won’t be an exception. With her, you will feel like you’re the best person in the world and tend to improve yourself in order to become the best.

  1. A girl like this will constantly try to improve herself

A girl like this is not only interested in fixing others but herself too because she knows that every person can be better than he was yesterday. You will learn how to improve yourself and your life from a girl who fixes people and you will never regret meeting her.

  1. She never loses hope

For a girl who fixes other people, there’s no such thing as losing hope. She will never feel hopeless when trying to fix a broken person only because he/she refuses help.

  1. She will repair your heart and spirit

A girl who fixes people was once broken and remembers that having no one to help you in those moments can hurt as hell. That’s why she’s the best person who can heal your broken heart and revive your numb spirit the same way she did with her heart and spirit.

  1. She likes to play with other people’s demons

And yours aren’t an exception. A girl who fixes people is not afraid of their dark side. On the contrary. She sees a light in your darkness and will try to light turn your demons into angels.

  1. She will love your imperfections

A girl who fixes people knows that everyone has their own imperfections that make them perfect and by making people realize that, they become stronger and more confident thanks to her. If you are in a relationship with a girl like this, be sure that she will make your flaws look flawless.

  1. Forgiveness is her middle name

Revenge is not her thing but forgiveness is because she knows that her ability to forgive makes her a better and much stronger person. She forgives people even if they’re not sorry.

  1. She won’t just fix you and leave you after

Many people would think that a girl who fix people, leaves them as a finished project once they’re ‘healed’ – they’re wrong. She fixes people because she loves them, and wants to encourage them to become the best version of themselves.

She believes that everyone can become a better person, and will make everything she can to help you become the best version of yourself. However, she won’t leave you after. On the contrary, a girl who fixes people knows that sometimes she needs to be fixed too and will let you do it in order to help her, same as she helped you.

  1. Girls like this want to fix the world

A girl like this wants to heal as many people as possible and make this world a wonderful place to live in. Her vision is not limited only to her relationship with people she loves, but also to her relationship with the entire world. Her determination, kindness, and generosity will inspire you and people close to her to help her accomplish her mission.

Reference: Thought Catalog