Life is simple. People are complicated and that’s why they complicate life. However, why living a complicated life when we can live an easy simple life worth remembering and mentioning?

Keep in mind that everything you worry about today, won’t be important to you in five years. Free yourself from the mental barriers that keep your brain from dreaming and wake up in order to fulfill those dreams starting today. Are you feeling scared and wondering from where to start?

We’re here to help you. Why not grab a beer first and skip doing these 9 things today after? You will come to realize that although you think you have time, you don’t and the little that’s left can be used in a more meaningful efficient way in order to improve yourself and your life.

  1. Skip fulfilling the wishes of others

    You are not their genie from the bottle. Let people realize that you are not the same fool anymore. Let them realize that no one has the obligation to fulfill their ‘commands’. Or let them find another victim who will take your place and be their puppet. You’re not a puppet. You’re a person. Be a strong one.

    2.Skip the part where you’re feeling sorry for yourself every day 

    You don’t have all the problems in the world. Why not look at the bright side? Although everything goes wrong at the moment, you are still here. You are still ALIVE. And you’re still fighting. So stop complaining and fight harder. Complaining can only bring you misery.

3.Skip hanging around with your fake friends

-you know who they are- and become your own best friend. Spend some time talking to your soul. You will come to realize that spending time with yourself can be more fun than spending time with the wrong people.

4.Skip fulfilling the assignments of your colleagues

And start fulfilling yours given by your boss. Your boss is the one who’s paying you and not your useless colleagues.

5.Skip revenging about everything to everyone

And leave karma do the dirty work. Otherwise, hatred will fill up your heart and poison your spirit. Once you drink your beer, start focusing on your improvement because success is the best revenge – remember that.

6.Skip giving second chance to people who didn’t deserve the first one.

Otherwise, they will continue taking you for granted, and you will continue feeling played and unloved.

7. Skip abstinence

And masturbate because masturbation has a calming effect on your brain, researchers say. The abstinence  is not a necessary thing. You were born to have sex. You were born to feel pleasure. You were born to enjoy life and everything nature has to offer – don’t miss that because of some stupid or unknown reasons, even to yourself.

8.Skip doing everything that makes you unhappy

Because you deserve happiness, love, and well-being. Every creature on this earth was born to be free and enjoy life. You don’t have to do ANYTHING that makes you unhappy and helpless. There’s always a solution. Fous and find it by looking inside your heart – usually all the solutions hide there.

9.Skip dreaming in order to forget your dreams

And wake up in order to achieve them. Otherwise, you will feel like a walking dead and you will die unhappy and miserable. Someone will try to convince you that you can’t but it’s yours to convince them they were wrong. You can do EVERYTHING you want. You just have to want it bad.

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