Although we women often don’t know what we want, we certainly know what we don’t want, what we don’t like and what we hate. Many of those things are related to men, however, that doesn’t mean that a relative, a close family member, a best friend or someone unknown can’t  make a mistake sometimes and annoys the females in their surroundings.

A woman may seem strong but we’re not made of stone and there are some things that can piss us off. Wonder what can really annoy a woman? Keep reading and check out the 11 annoying things every woman hates and everyone should think twice before doing them.

  1. A woman hates when she’s been yelled

Yelling doesn’t mean you are scary or powerful or have something smart to say and that’s why most women hate yelling or being yelled at, especially from her husband/boyfriend.

  1. A woman hates when someone replies slow to her messages or doesn’t reply at all

Having a conversation with someone who replies slowly to messages can be so irritating sometimes because of that way, you show your lack of interest for the person you are chatting with and a woman knows that. However, if someone who replies slowly annoys her, imagine what happens when someone doesn’t reply to her messages at all.

  1. A woman hates when she’s taken for granted

No woman wants to be taken for granted, especially from her man because she will have to choose between her pride and you. And we know what’s going to be more important to her at the end of the day. In case you don’t know, she will choose her pride and freedom over the man who’s underestimating her.

  1. A woman hates when her man breaks his heck for other females in front of her

Looking into other women when you are with your woman can certainly frustrate her because that way you are giving the other females the knowledge that you don’t take your woman seriously. However, keep in mind that time will come when you are going to break your neck when you see her passing by with an another guy who will look at her like she’s the only woman in the world.

  1. A woman hates when she’s been ordered

A woman hates to take orders from ANYONE, which includes her husband/boyfriend, boss, co-workers, friends, family, relatives or worse – from someone, she doesn’t know very well.

At first, it may seem like she listens to your orders and obeys you, however, keep in mind that she will leave the moment she feels like she can’t take it anymore. Woman are durable, but they also have their limits, and when you cross them – you better watch out.

  1. A woman hates when she’s gossiped by someone who doesn’t know her

Although gossips from someone who actually knows her can hurt a woman, hearing something she didn’t know about herself by now from someone unknown frustrates her.

How can you gossip, someone, you never met? Or someone you don’t know well enough? Women hate this, although they sometimes do the same and gossip people they don’t know.

  1. A woman hates when her man goes out with his friends often

Going out with your friends from time to time is okay, however, if you go out with your friends more than you go out with your woman or more than you spend time with her, keep in mind that it bothers her. Although she may not show it, you will certainly notice it when she leaves you for someone who appreciates her time and company.

  1. A woman hates when she feels overpowered and helpless

These are the two most horrible feelings a woman can have: overpower and helpless. When a woman feels overpowered and can’t do anything about it, she becomes helpless. However, once she pulls herself together, a woman is able to come up with a plan on how to make those who made her feel that way, feel overpowered and helpless or even feel sorry they were born.

  1. A woman hates when you care only about your pleasure while having sex

This indicates of a selfish man, and all women hate selfish men, especially in bed.

  1. A woman hates when she’s been lied to

A woman’s intuition and sixth sense are stronger than you think because she can tell when someone’s lying even before they confess the lie. Never lie to a woman. She either knows you’re lying or will find out very soon.

  1. A woman hates when she has to fight for someone’s attention

Fighting for someone’s attention is not necessary because you won’t have to fight for someone’s time, love and care if they actually care about you. At first, a woman may look like she’s fighting for you and your attention, however, the truth is that she’s already looking for someone who will treat her the way she actually deserves.

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