Although long-termed relationships are more than valuable because we humans don’t prefer changes and we rather be with the same person, instead of changing partners all the time, sometimes, monotony can kill the relationship.

And no matter how much you and your partner love each other – you can stop feeling excited in your relationship thanks to monotony and stagnation.

However, we’re here to help you revive your long-termed relationship and light up that sparkle in your eyes again. Check out these 7 mind-blowing ways on how to light up that fire between you too and thank us later when you do.

  1. Do something unusual together

Instead of watching a movie or series on TV why not try yoga or go to a Chinese restaurant or any other weird place you both haven’t visited by now? Or you can find a comfortable place and watch the stars together. We know this sounds bizarre and as a fairytale story, however, we are sure that by doing these things, you will certainly make your relationship more exciting. Although these are small things – they can do some big changes in your boring love life.

  1. Try some new sex techniques/ have sex outside the bedroom

Although the first year(s) can be extremely fun and exciting when it comes to sex, as time goes by every long-termed relationship survives a sex collapse. However, it’s something you can change by setting up a schedule for sex or try some new sex techniques you can learn from Kamasutra. You can also skip the bedroom sex and try something more adventurous, such as sex in a public place, car or nature. We are 100% sure that if you do all these things, your relationship will revive again.

  1. Do something adventurous together

Skip your daily routine and try some bungee jumping, sky diving, mountain climbing, diving or surfing – something that’s out of the ordinary stuff you do together and raise up your adrenaline.

  1. Step out from your comfort zone

What’s your partner’s biggest fear? And what’s yours? Why not overcome your fears together? Entering an uncomfortable situation that requires a mutual support will definitely bring you closer to each other than before.

Aside from that, you will both become stronger after you realize that fear is only scary for those who fear to overcome it.

  1. Start some kind of project together

Consider shopping for healthy food together or including your partner in your house remodeling because this kind of small ‘projects’ can make your relationship more interesting and certainly more meaningful.

  1. Travel in an unusual country

Why visit the same tourist attraction you visited the previous summer and experience nothing new? Why not visiting an unusual country that will bring you both new experiences and change your point of view. Which one is the country you think that will disappoint you if you decide to visit it one day? Pick that particular one, grab your partner’s hand and hit the road. Who knows, maybe you will return pleasantly surprised and more in love than before.

  1. Go out on a date

Remember your first date and how you started falling for your partner? Why not repeat it by visiting the same place, wearing something similar to the clothes you wore that day/night and remember how you two met and started hooking up? Sounds interesting right? Stop hesitating and invite your long-termed partner on a date. Another advice on how to spice up your love life, even more, is to have sex before you go out on a date. Put something sexy beneath your clothes and surprise your lover even tonight.

Reference: Clinton Power