According to a marriage counselor who’s working with both males and females in a marriage crisis, she came to the conclusion that every man needs to hear: A woman can leave the man she loves like she never loved him before. Although she may feel terrible in the moment or after the breakup, and her heart tears apart, she can leave and never come back although the thought of even doing that makes her feel bad. However, she leaves anyway.

Most of the women take the time to think about it, and once they realize that the relationship doesn’t have any future anymore, they leave with everything they have and never come back.

It’s a fact that a woman can leave a man with whom she has kids, homes, and lives and that happens for many reasons. However, only one of them is strong enough to make a woman leave the man she loves. Males, listen carefully and prevent your wife from leaving: your woman can leave because YOU ARE NOT PRESENT.

And that bothers her. Women are known as creatures who can endure everything, however, everyone has their own limits, and when you cross them by spending your time watching TV, playing games, fishing, golfing, working at home or go out with your friends more than you spend time with your woman – she will leave one day, without warning you.

A wise man once said: ‘Don’t be afraid of a woman who tells you what bothers her. Be afraid when she becomes silent because that means that nothing related to you can bother her anymore.’ According to the marriage counselor, men who are left by their wives are good people, good fathers and take care of their family, however, they tend to take their woman for granted and that’s the biggest mistake they can make when it comes to marriage.

Here are the 4 other main mistakes men make which makes women pack their bags and leave:

  1. They treat their wife as their property

Your wife doesn’t owe you anything and you need to understand that. So what if you have children or the past behind? That doesn’t mean you can take her for granted and treat her as your property who’s foundations belong to you because they don’t. Your wife is a walking person and not a property. And if you don’t realize this on time, she will use her walking abilities to walk away from you. Talk to her. Feel her. Win her heart every day before someone else does.

  1. They don’t feel their better half

Although women are sometimes turned on by a quick sex, what really turns a woman every time is when she feels you’re here and you want her, and feel her. Your woman wants you to be passionate about her. And if you don’t give it to her she will either leave you or start looking for that passion somewhere else. Mechanical sex never turns her on as much as you think it does, remember that.

What you also need to remember that it’s not all about sex all the time. When was the last time you looked your wife deeply in the eyes? Imagining an eye contact more than the usual you’re used on makes you feel uncomfortable? Imagine how uncomfortable would you feel if she leaves you without looking into your eyes.

  1. Give her your full attention

Woman want to feel wanted and adored. Don’t touch her just to touch her. Touch her the same way you touched her for the first time and make a real sensational contact. When was the last time you felt sick in your stomach because you are so close to someone you love? Notice her emotions and tell her how you feel because it’s been a long time since she hides her desire to leave you. Make her change her mind. Today. Right now.

  1. You have time – you just got tired from dedicating that time to your wife

Do you have time to do everything else, except to pay attention to your wife? That’s just another excuse and you know it. Everyone has at least five minutes in the day to talk with the person they care for. Do you still care about your wife? If yes, then dedicate time to the relationship with your wife. If you have her by your side now, it doesn’t mean she will stay there forever.

People, keep in mind that this goes for both males and females because a woman can sometimes act like the man we described just described.  Remember that people’s emotions are NOT for playing because they can make someone who loves you – to leave you, no matter what. 

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