We, women, are experts at hiding our real feeling and interpreting our fake strength in front of the men we love. Why do we do that? It’s simple. We don’t want to get hurt or show our weak side. Although many women think that a man falls for a weak woman who cries when she’s hurt, some of us are aware that man, in fact, despises weak women.

However, even if we act strong, sometimes we’re not and deny to accept help and hold our tears in front of everyone. We let our soul cry in silence, and our mind to scream but we keep our mouth shut and tell everyone to get lost from our sight. We forget that eyes are the mirror of the soul and the tears we hold, release our true emotional state.

When a woman tells you to leave with tears in her eyes, stay and give her a hug because although she pretends not to need it, she does, and she certainly needs it more than a woman who cries intentionally in order to be comforted and pitied.

Once you learn to recognize fake from real tears and fake from real women, you are ready to recognize other actions real women take in order to hide their feeling and play strong. Scroll down and find out several more phrases strong women will use in order to keep her pride.

  • Stop talking – actually means, please talk, I need to understand you better but I don’t want to confess my inability to read your mind.
  • I don’t want to see you anymore – actually means, I want to see you every day but you hurt me and I deserve an apology, and if I don’t get it soon, get lost.
  • I will find someone else who will love me better – actually means, I want you to love me better, you fool. And when she sees the situation is hopeless, don’t doubt that she will really find someone who will appreciate her and her time.
  • I look fine in this dress/jeans – actually means, I want you to notice my looks and share your comment sometimes. If you can’t, I will look for someone who will.
  • I’ve had better days – actually means, I want you to help me make my days better. I want an adventure. Monotony is killing me, I want something And if it continues this way, I will find someone new.
  • You know what to do – actually means, you suck at bringing decisions but you never listen to my advice and there’s nothing I can do about it or your problems anymore.
  • I want to break up with you – actually means, you don’t appreciate me anymore. And although I still love you, I think you don’t feel the same way. However, keep in mind that she may be the one who stopped loving you and it’s better if you ask what’s going on before you bring any conclusion or decision.
  • I don’t need your attention – she certainly needs your attention and it’s obvious you’re not giving enough attention to her. If you continue like that, she will leave you soon.
  • I don’t need you to express your emotions – actually means that she yearns to hear how you feel but won’t admit If you love her, tell her. She won’t wait forever.
  • Leave me alone – what are you waiting for? Hug the woman and tell her that you will always be by her side until she tells you to leave her alone along with a restraining order.

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