We hear about them from the media or the news constantly and we are already familiar with the term ‘psychopath’. However, we need to learn how to recognize a psychopath when we see one because we can never be sure if the person sitting next to us has a personality disorder or not. For those who assume what psychopath is but don’t know the details, let us introduce you to one of the worst personality and antisocial personality disorder.

According to psychiatrists, individuals with this type of disorder are usually cold-blooded people who have no compassion for other people’s feelings and certainly don’t care about their rights. Because of this, psychopaths can cause damage in society and hurt others without thinking twice. However, not every psychopath has to be a murderer or a criminal. According to many types of research, every 100 person is a psychopath today and we should learn how to recognize them the sooner the better. If you doubt whether someone is a psychopath or not, check out these 5 warnings that can tell if the person sitting next to you is a psychopath.

  1. A psychopath’s personality is too good to be true

When someone tends to have an enchanting personality, acts too friendly, trustworthy or charming, it could mean that he’s covered psychopath who uses his appealing personality in order to get under people’s skin and convince them to open up and lay down their guard.

And once they do, the covered psychopath will reveal his real intentions by manipulating other people’s weaknesses on subconscious basis because psychopaths rarely have a conscious intent on hurting someone. However, they are professionals in manipulation thanks to the charming image they leave behind. Their ability to act friendly and manipulate people are the main reasons why people with this disorder can also gain success, power, and fame.

What we can learn from the first warning is that when a person is too good to be true – he probably isn’t and we should never let our guard down and open up to these psychopaths.

  1. A psychopath is a pathological liar

You can easily recognize a psychopath by his ability to lie because these people can’t help themselves when it comes to conversion of truth or lying. A psychopath can lie to you even when he has no benefit from his lies because lying makes them feel powerful and in charge due to their ability to withhold the truth from others. This is something psychopaths do without compassion for others because they are immune to feelings and sense of guilt.

What this warning is trying to teach us is that if we notice someone lying to us or someone else multiple times without any reason, this can indicate that the person is a psychopath.

  1. Psychopaths see themselves way above others

Psychopaths see themselves as something more than average people and feel ‘superior’ when surrounded by normal individuals. The feeling of superiority that overwhelms them, enables their feelings or sense of guilt when they manipulate or hurt others.

Psychopaths have compassion for no one and if you meet a person who sees himself as superior, and is discussed from people’s normal problems, it can indicate that the person is a psychopath.

  1. A psychopath will shift the blame on you and make you feel guilty

Once you open up to a psychopath, he will start collecting small details about your personality or behavior and will try to get deeper into your circle of trust. After, he will use every detail he collected and take advantage of your vulnerability in order to make you feel guilty about something he’s done or make you think that you owe him a favor. A psychopath’s favorite tools for manipulation are other people’s sense of guilt and taking advantage of their weaknesses.

If you notice that someone is trying to get closer to you constantly and is using your emotions in order to tell him how you truly feel or what’s your weak spot, get rid of that person immediately because that kind of people will only suck your energy and make you feel miserable. And what’s worst of all – they will enjoy your misery and laugh at you behind your back.

  1. They have no sense of guilt or feel empathy for anyone

A normal people will think twice before saying something that can hurt other people’s feelings or do something evil that may cause serious damage. Psychopaths don’t have that problem because they have no sense of guilt and remorse or feel empathy for anyone, except for themselves. When they cause pain, instead of feeling guilty or repent for the things they’ve done, psychopaths see the damage as their ‘masterpiece’ and feel proud of themselves. They can certainly notice when someone is hurting just like every human being, however, they don’t care.

If you notice a person with a lack of empathy and sense of guilt, step away because that person is definitely a hardcore psychopath.

If you notice one of two of these psychopathic characteristics in people who are close to you or identify yourself as a possible psychopath, keep in mind that a real psychopath should have all these characteristics. However, from today on, try to observe better and deeper the people around you and if you spot a psychopath – slowly walk away in order to avoid possible damage.

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Reference: Life Coach Code