Poor children Happy playing best charities to donate

How could my contribution accomplish the greatest good in the world? That is an accurate and reasonable question when you care about changing the world. One thing better than a generous donor is an informed and conscientious donor. 

But with so many deserving organizations to select from, it might be overwhelming to know how to pick the ideal charity to support.

What should you focus on when you look into a charity? 

Here is a short guideline:

  1. Follow them on social media and see how they impact the world.
  2. Choose charities with research-based approaches. Charities that value knowledge and innovation and take calculative determinations have the most potential to make a difference.
  3. Focus on sustainable solutions.
  4. Try to support smaller charities because the big organizations are not as transparent as the smaller ones regarding where the money goes. Giving smaller organizations a chance to grow and make a difference according to their worldview is another reason to support them.

Supporting a charitable organization by donating, volunteering or simply engaging their content on social media makes a difference. Using your time and energy as effectively as your money would be the best.

Here are some charities that will be worth your time to research and your support:

The Live Wild Foundation

The Live Wild Foundation organizes, funds, and runs global animal conservation programs focusing on wild animals. Projects focused on preserving, caring for, and reintroducing animals into the wild are examples of this. It also focuses on programs emphasizing the value of nature and animals while highlighting the significance of treating them with respect. The foundation’s mission is to increase awareness of the environment and wildlife while also promoting the message that human-animal cooperation is entirely achievable.

Their mission is committed to animal and environmental preservation via anti-poaching, conservation, and education.

World Humanitarian Movement

WOHM seeks a better future unburdened by wars, social injustice, and poverty. And a world of hope in which all children live in stability and equality. 

They emphasize the importance of human connection in building a better world for all children; therefore, WOHM aims to connect people around the globe and encourage them to elevate humanity with empathy. World Humanitarian Movement offers sustainable solutions for children in developing countries, such as providing the proper education to help them maintain their lives without needing anyone’s help.

WOHM’s mission is to deliver humanitarian relief and services, including psychological support, to children worldwide who have been victims of conflicts, poverty, drought, illness, or natural disasters, regardless of race, creed, gender, or nationality.

Click Here ➨ to Visit WOHM.

Big Blue Ocean Cleanup

The Big Blue Ocean Cleanup organization aims to prevent, protect, and reduce humans’ effects on climate change. We know that climate change has gotten worse, especially in recent years. We do not want to leave an unlivable world to future generations, and for this, we need to take steps for a more livable world. One of them is the reduction of plastic pollution in the oceans. The oceans are polluted due to plastic pollution, and the creatures in the sea are becoming extinct. Big Blue Ocean Cleanup is taking steps to address this problem precisely. They provide training on protecting the oceans, conduct scientific research on this subject and organize activities for ocean health. They also have technology development projects to ease the cleaning of the pollution in the oceans.


Millions of people in underdeveloped countries must travel hundreds of miles daily to get water and firewood. Reducing firewood usage for boiling water daily and implementing a solution that can be utilized on unimproved water sources closer to home makes life much easier for these folks.

Solvatten aims to facilitate drinkable, hot and clean water access for people in developing countries by using renewable solar energy.