Intuition is our inner compass or better said our personal GPRS that helps us find our path. Every human being has intuition, and want we know about intuition is that it’s never wrong.

This subject was also studied by researchers. And besides studies, there’s also a book about intuition written by Gerd Gigerenzer, a director at an institute for human development. According to his sayings, our intuition is programmed to recognize and understand the information needed for solving a certain problem. And although we sometimes can not explain why something is right or wrong, we know that our intuition is probably right. Gigerenzer is also a very intuitive person in private life and believes that his meaningful work gains good results thanks to his gut or as we prefer to call it – instinct.

However, one day, one of his readers asked him a question related to intuition. He asked why intuition was never related to intelligence and is it possible that someone who’s more intuitive than others, too has more intelligence as well. Gigerenzer answered that it’s possible because intuition is actually the highest form of intelligence.

According to him, people who are curious and always ready to learn new things and upgrade their knowledge, are also practicing their intuition in order to become stronger. For him, people who overthink possible solutions to their problems are much smarter and intuitive than people who sit and do nothing and just wait for their intuition to give them the answer.

For example, websites are made of a lot of information gathered on one page which helps people understand them better and get an easy access to everything they want to know. According to researchers, in order to make people believe your intuition, you need to think a lot and share your arguments, opinions, and ideas with others. Intuitive people should never be static and let their intuition become weaker with time. On the contrary, they should get out of their comfort zone, and stay hungry for learning and experience new things because that’s how they give their intuition a workout.

Even Albert Einstein has an opinion about intuition. The great mastermind once said that our intuitive mind is a sacred present and our rational mind is a trustful servant. He saw today’s society as something created to worship the servant and ignore or forget the gift.

Have you ever been in the situation when you had a bad feeling about a certain situation? The only thing that can save us in situations like this or prevent us from getting hurt is our intuition. And no matter how badly we want to do the opposite, we need to listen to what our intuition has to say and do the right thing to avoid complications. Some people tend to ignore their intuition and go against their own will, and that’s when they make the biggest mistakes. Smart people, on the other hand, always listen to their intuition, and among those smart people is one of the greatest intellectuals of all times. They claimed that their intuition helped them to realize their dreams by telling them what to do. If people listened to their inner feelings and intuition more than the advice of other people – everyone would be happy and satisfied with their life. However, it’s never too late for a change. Are you ready to enter the list of geniuses who achieved their life goals thanks to their intuition? Or maybe you are already on the list? Feel free to share your opinion and experiences with your intuition in the comments below.

Based On: Curious Mind Magazine