There are many things in life we do which discreetly indicate what type of person we truly are. Our body language, the way we talk, our actions and even our sex life may show if we respect ourselves or not. Self-respect is one of the most important things a human can possess because without self-respect we can’t accomplish anything in life.

Are you sexually active? If yes, and you do this while having sex, then you probably don’t respect yourself at all. Wonder what are we talking about? Remember orgasm? Or have you forgotten how good it feels to reach the top during intercourse? Are you always taking care of your partner’s needs and wishes and forget about yours? Is your partner’s orgasm the only thing that matters to you when it comes to sex?

If the answers to these questions are positive and you are not allowing yourself to enjoy the beauty of our sexual nature or in other words – you don’t achieve orgasm during sex, then you don’t respect yourself at all. And gender doesn’t matter when it comes to this. Both males and females can fake or not achieve orgasm but remain silent in order to make their partner feel good after intercourse.

However, the main question is, how do you feel after intercourse? Because we’re quite sure that you don’t feel pleased or fulfilled. You may wonder why not achieving orgasm is an indicator of disrespect for your own body. Psychologists have already answered your question.

According to their assumptions, people who are sexually active but don’t achieve orgasm during intercourse are disrespecting themselves because they allow their body to perform an action without a purpose. If you are performing an action without a purpose, that shows that you are willing to waste your time in a worthless way. And we all know that our time on this earth is limited and we can not afford to waste it by performing worthless actions.

A person who tends to fake or not achieve orgasm is always focused on other people’s pleasure and never on their own which is a strong indicator of lack of respect for their own well-being. Same goes for those who are not sexually active at the moment but avoid masturbation.

People who are always making up excuses in order to avoid masturbation and say they do not have enough time are also disrespecting themselves. Not being able to find time to fulfill your needs and wishes is certainly a sign of disrespect towards your own body.

Another sign that can show if you are not respecting yourself is remaining silent when it comes to your sexual fantasies. We all have sexual fantasies, however, most people are not brave enough to tell them out loud. Are you keeping your sexual fantasies trapped inside your mind? You already know our reply if the answer is yes – you are disrespecting yourself. In order to enjoy great sex, you must be open to your partner and let your fantasies spice up your sex life.

Are you identifying yourself with the people who disrespect themselves? If yes, you will have the chance to fix that and treat yourself the way you deserve it – with respect. By understanding the meaningful message we’re sending with this article, you will be able to open your mind and finally realize that the most important person in your life is YOU. And although sometimes people put the needs and wishes of others at first place, we need to make sure that ‘sometimes’ doesn’t turn into ‘always’ and make us forget about ourselves completely.

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