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When one hears the word “wolf,” the first thing that springs to mind is danger, predation, villainy, and sheer power. And this is true of many species that have been misinterpreted repeatedly due to their poor portrayal in literature.

Wolves are the most prominent member of the Canidae family of canine animals. Today, they may be found throughout the northern hemisphere’s tundra areas, but in significantly reduced numbers.

Dogs evolved from the selective breeding of tame and tranquil wolves, and they are the forerunners of modern dogs. The ‘elf’ gene caused this in wolves, which gradually enhanced the child-like characteristics of wolves, such as barking and rounder snouts, making them more helpful to humankind over time.

“Helpful to humankind” is a word that refers to a specific period. Yes, wolves are wild spirits, beautiful animals that hunt and devour deer, and they don’t always make good pets, but they serve a far more significant role for humans and the planet.
This was spotted a few years ago at Yellowstone, the world’s first national park. Due to hunting, poaching, habitat degradation, and other factors.

Ironically, after being reintroduced in the 1990s, the wolves saved Yellowstone’s rivers and grasslands by killing the additional elk populations and allowing the plants to recover and regenerate after being mauled and overgrazed. The rivers benefited as well, as trees stabilized and flourished along river banks due to not being eaten as saplings by deer, bringing in younger shoals of fish to the park. This also brought back a previously extinct species: beavers.

In recent years, wolves have been represented as heroic creatures in literature. One of the numerous efforts is Game of Thrones, which portrays dire wolves, an old prehistoric breed of enormous wolves, as the companions of a worthy dynasty.

Wolves are amazing animals in general. They grow to incredible proportions and have astonishing hearing and smell abilities, allowing them to hunt in the dark and cold tundra regions. It’s difficult not to be moved by such unadulterated beauty.

Furthermore, the ancients were not unaware of the metaphor of a robust military culture being comparable to a wolf: the tale of Romulus and Remus withstood the test of time, as Rome, established by the wolf-suckled brothers, conquered the globe.

It’s past time for humans to understand the fundamental reality that just because a species isn’t “attractive” or “useful” in the way they want it to be, doesn’t mean it’s suitable to be executed.

Every living thing is an essential piece of the delicate jigsaw that is natural equilibrium, and it is our job to ensure that it remains intact.

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