People are strong as much as they are weak, however, some tend to feed their strong side, while others let their weak side take over their mind and trap them in fears that actually don’t exist.

Those who tend to highlight their strong side and boost their self-esteem, while leaving their fears in the shadow are free people who always aim for better.

As for the people who let their fears become their weakness, and daily routine, they always end up miserable and destroyed by their own mind. However, it’s not only their mind that’s destroyed but also their spirit. Which one of these two types of people do you belong to?

Are you feeling invincible or defeated? Are you prone to feed your strong or weak side? If you belong to the stronger people, keep up the good work.

However, if you belong to the second, weaker type, keep reading and learn the 17 main things you need to let go in life before they destroy you and your spirit.

  1. Let go of your old clothes and old shoes

Although you might think that clothes and shoes have no influence on you and your emotional state, they actually do. Why keep clothes and shoes which you don’t need anymore? Get rid of things, especially clothes and shoes, or even jewelry you don’t need. This way you will learn that material things don’t matter and you don’t have to feel attacked to them only because someone gave them to you as a gift, or they remind you of some pleasant moments or events.

  1. Let go of your gifts from people who are not present in your life anymore

Teddy bears, earrings, rings, panties, a mobile phone, lipstick, perfume, or anything else you own given by someone who’s not present in your life anymore should be thrown away in the garbage. Why? Because although you think that they don’t affect you anymore, they actually do and you need to stop it. And if you still claim that they don’t have an influence on your emotional state and life, you wouldn’t mind throwing them in the trash, don’t you?

  1. Let go of your past and accept your mistakes

Living in your past means destroying your future on purpose. Is that what you really want? To destroy your future over people who are not even thinking about you or didn’t care about you while you were with them at all? So what? Move on. Grow up. Rebuild your life over the ruins of your heart and raise up from the ashes, like a Phoenix. You can do it. Believe in your strength.

  1. Let go of your ex-partner(s)

Getting back to people who are not worth your time and attention is same as like suicide. Holding up to people who took you for granted or hurt you in any way in the past, don’t deserve you anymore and you MUST understand that and give yourself a chance for a new romance.

  1. Let go of your personal profiles on social networks

Too much Internet can kill your social life and your life in global. Stop posting everything you feel and do because you need to feel appreciated and heard in order to feel important. You are already important but you have to accept that you are a unique and valuable person even without your personal profiles on social networks and fake virtual friends. Spend some time with the people you love or spend some time with yourself and meet your soul. Disconnect from social networks and reconnect with yourself again. You will come to realize that in order to be online all the time, you lost being ‘online’ in the real world.

  1. Let go of your thoughts from time to time

Are you feeling like your mind is a complete chaos? That’s because you overthink all the time and you need to take a break. Although overthinking and worrying about everything shows that you’re a highly intelligent person according to scientists, you MUST learn how to let go of your thoughts from time to time and just go with the flow.

  1. Let go of your beliefs

Our beliefs can sometimes keep us trapped inside our tiny world where nothing else except them exists for us which is wrong because, in order to be a happy and free person, you need to open your mind first. Let go of all your beliefs and accept everything that comes and goes in your life without prejudices. Who are you to judge anyone or anything? Keep your opinion to yourself and let people do their thing, while you do your thing. This can be frustrating sometimes when you witness or hear stuff that you know is wrong but remain still because that’s the only way you can stay in peace with yourself. You can’t change everything. And you don’t have to. You were born free. So live free with an open mind.

  1. Let go of your habit to count on people

Stop relying on people and start relying on yourself. This way you will become more independent and strong. Learn how to live alone and you will become a happier person.

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