We know it sounds awkward but it’s true – our soul has made a contract before we came on this earth which contains the question: “What do you want to learn during your lifetime?

Once we answer this question, our soul contract is formed. However, the world works opposite of our contracts most of the time because the best way to experience and learn something is to face the opposite of what you want to experience and learn.

If you want to become patient or improve your patience, surround yourself with people who will push all your buttons and unintentionally put your patience to a test. Think of crying babies and annoying siblings, and you practice to ensure everything you think you can’t handle.

Are you in need of love and affection? If yes, you must first face pure hatred in order to understand the unconditional love and the passion of an in-love person.

Keep in mind that your self-confidence doesn’t only depend on your self-perception and self-value but also of betrayals by people you trusted and who pretended to love you, when in fact, they worked behind your back and stab it after. This is what your soul contract is based on and you MUST learn that the only way to learn how to raise up after every fall is to be stepped on.

That’s when you will be ‘forced’ to STAND UP for yourself, just like the diamond needs to be scrubbed in order to truly shine, or the steel that has to be forged in the hottest fire to become the best. These fancy descriptions have a quite powerful point which you need to understand today.

It’s up to you to chose if you want to be a diamond or a rock. Steel or a piece of paper that can be burned and turned to ashes even from a small spark?

In order to get your mind in order, you must first face chaos, conflicts, and violence. We all grow, however, not everyone develops during their growth. Only those who build up themselves again after every fall can say that they’ve walked through the strict school of breaking and rebuilding again. And not to mention that rebuilding is always harder than falling apart. You can either learn from your pain or let it destroy you.

Pain that comes with failure is just a mark on your growth that shows your development has just climbed a more advanced level of experience. Thanks to that experience you will be able to pick yourself up after every fall. And remember, the first step towards efficient growth and development is to get kicked off your balance.

Why? Because what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and gives your courage a boost towards the center of your own self. This isn’t just a wasted effort but the best effort that someone can make in life in order to improve it.

Remember that the Universe has an infinite love for each living creature on this planet and will continue sending lessons whenever we’re ready to learn. However, be always prepared for a test because you can never know with the Universe. Sometimes the Universe gives you a test although you haven’t learned the lessons yet but don’t worry. This way you will learn the lessons better after. And next time you feel depressed or lost, remember that this life is given to you in order to balance it and grow yourself mentally and spiritually – nothing more, nothing less.

Reference: Simple Capacity