If You Have Been Reading Numerous Books On Health And Lifestyle, One Thing You Would Have Noticed Is How Stress As An Element Has Been Described As One Of The Things That Kill Us.

Some will tell you that it does you no good to be stressed, so you should avoid everything that brings you stress. But the fact is that this is not true. There is actually some positive aspect to being stressed.

You would have heard that some of the worst diseases of the present age are caused by stress. You may have read that stress produces excessive adrenaline, norepinephrine and cortisol, and that they hamper your vitamin b deposits and deplete your immune system. It could have been brought to your notice that the heart rate and respiratory rate are increased by stress, and that this hampers digestion. The news that baffled you may have been the one that says that stress disorganizes your sleep cycle and can reduce the power of your adrenaline. But this is not the long and short of the story.

So, Below Is An Outlay On How Stress Enhances Your Mind And Body.

Stress Enhances Brain Power

When you have the low level stressors at work, the brain chemical called neurotrophins will be produced. When this happens, the line between the brain and the neurons is made more powerful. Many doctors have said that exercises which are physical stressors, use this same mechanism to increase concentration and productivity in people. This is also similar to what psychological stressors do to the brain of man.

It Enhances Resilience

When you have experienced some level of stress and managed it well, you will build some level of resistance to stress in the future. Many people in the military are trained on the way they are because of this fact. When you are exposed to a number of events that stress you up, you will build some sense of control on both psychological and physical grounds.

Increased Immunity

The body sets itself in motion to deal with infection or injury when it is highly stressed. There are chemicals called interleukins, which the body produces when stressed, and this is one that assists in the regulation of the immune system. It offers the immune system some level of defensive boost. For instance, when some animals are mildly stressed, their system cells will bring up lots of immune cells. The cells that trigger the immune cells to action are released by the adrenaline glands when a person goes through some short form of stress. These cells will be made battle ready once they are called upon.

It Spurs You To Seek Success

There is a type of stress called good stress or eustress. This is the type that will motivate you to do whatever you set your mind to doing. When you, for instance, remember the deadline set for the task ahead, the eustress will tell you that this is a challenge you can surmount. It makes you view it not as something that can overwhelm you, but as something you can do.

It Reduces The Risk Of Death

While many doctors used to hammer on the issue that people who are always stressed will be exposed to high risk of death, one research changed their minds. In most cases, what you believe in matters. That is due to the result of a research carried out by experts at the national center for health statistics. Through questionnaires and interviews, it was found out that people who are highly stressed but are not aware that it could harm them, have a very low risk of being killed by stress-related diseases. But those who are highly stressed, but who believe that stress is detrimental to their health, have a higher risk of being killed by issues related to stress.

Stress Improves Performance

Of course, we know that motivation and performance may vary sometimes. According to a study, you could be pushed forward to meet or surmount a challenge due to stress. This was also proven by an experiment with rats. It was found out that increased levels of stress hormone in the animals lead them to grow more neurons. These neurons within a short while enhancing their performance level when they took learning tests. This could be the same with the human brain.

Social Benefits

This is something that common sense teaches us. However, it has been proven through research too that stress can boost our body and mind. Now, it involves a situation where some groups were paired and allowed to perform some tasks together. At the end of the day, those with higher stress levels became friends easily. They bonded easily, socialized easily, and shared ideas and thoughts easily. This is not surprising because when you think you have a lot on you, you tend to search for people to help you with the burden of knowing.

Improved Memory

There is also an experiment with rats as it concerns being stressed and performing a maze afterward. In this, it was discovered that rats that were stressed a few days past will definitely perform tasks that involve the memory better than those that did not go through the same experience. So, it has been proven that the human memory could be enhanced through stress.

Stress Improves Your Instincts

Through researches and tests conducted on students in a high school, it was discovered that when you are highly stressed, you will be prone to be more instinctive. This was observed with a series of tests where stressed and unstressed students had to solve some questions that require instincts.

All These Could Be Gained From Stress. Though The Most Important Is The Long Or Short Terms Stress.