1. Let go of your fake friends

You know who they are. And you don’t need them. In fact, you don’t need anyone. You are your own best friend. And you need to start accepting that. What are you waiting for? Put your fake friends or relatives where they supposed to be – in your past.

  1. Let go of the respect for people who don’t deserve it

Understand everyone but don’t expect everyone to understand you. This is a good advice that’s going to help you become a better and happier person. However, we can’t say the same about the respect you give to people who don’t deserve it. That way you only disrespect yourself. And when you don’t respect you, don’t expect anyone else to respect you too.

  1. Let go of time:

Time doesn’t exist and it certainly doesn’t put pressure on you or your decisions and actions. People, their beliefs, and rules do that and you don’t have to endure that. You are the master of your own time and not a prisoner of the social rules about minutes, hours, weeks, months, years and stuff related to them, such as getting married and having children before 30 or so. Who are they to tell you what to do? Let o of time and you will become a free person.

  1. Let go the ‘important dates’

As we just mentioned, time doesn’t exist, which leads to the conclusion that dates don’t exist either. Stop remembering the date when you two broke up, or when he/she cheated on you with someone else, stop remembering the birthday of people who don’t even remember you as a part of their life. You need to also stop remembering the death date of someone you cared about because with grieving you won’t get that person back but destroy yourself and your spirit even more.

  1. Let go of the politic

Politicians don’t care about you, so why you care about them?

  1. Let go of your comfort box

Spread your wings and kick that box somewhere far away. Take a risk and don’t be afraid of the outcome of the worst risk in life is not taking any risk at all – we guarantee you that.

  1. Let go of your home or the things you don’t need inside your house anymore

Sometimes a home is not four walls and a roof. Sometimes a home is where your heart is. We know that this sounds cliché but it’s true and if you don’t believe us – try and leave the home you are attached to only because you grew up there. You will see that we are right. However, if you can’t do that because of other personal or financial reasons, at least throw the things you don’t need inside your house anymore. Change is always welcome in your life – remember that. Changes set you free. Changes improve people but only those who see them as challenges.

  1. Let go of your fear

Fear is scary only for people who are scared to let him go. Stop being scared and let go of your fears. Ask yourself: ‘What’s the worst thing that can happen and I can’t handle it?’ That’s right – NOTHING you can’t handle.

  1. Let go of your religion

Religion has done many harms to humanity, although it was invented to bring us closer and make us respect each other. At the end of the day, who needs religion? You don’t have to believe in some fictional God to be a good person or to improve yourself. It’s enough to believe in love and good intention. It’s enough to believe in humanity. It’s enough to believe in YOURSELF.

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