Hearing that people plan their life before they were born is something that may sound bizarre and unbelievable at first but people who believe in reincarnation can give a quite good explanation about this which can make you believe that you really plan your life before you were born.

According to Carey Williams, the co-author of a book related to reincarnation, many people don’t believe in reincarnation because they think they don’t remember their past. However, they are wrong because people actually remember their past – not in details but they have a certain clue of who they are. For example, the music they like, the people they’re attracted to, the type of food and drinks they like, the clothing that fits them best or certain historical periods they identify with. All of this shows that pre-birth plan exists and presents people as who were they before and where they’ve been in order to become the people they are today.

Many types of research and studies of this theory have shown that everything begins with the Pre-Birth plan which is established with a council called elder or the wise one. Elders are actually very old beings who speak when they’ve seen during their existence. People meet them along with their spirit guides and discuss their future life.

Do we choose our life before birth?

Allegedly, people are given choice to pick one from the few offered lives and reincarnate into the person they want to become. They get to pick their parents and abilities. Once you make a choice, your life plans the things you will be experiencing in your future life and prepares you for them. However, there’s also another theory why do we reincarnate which is based on karma.

Apparently, people reincarnate in order to clear up their karmas which in other words means creating a balance in the world. Anyway, let’s get back to the pre-birth plan. Once your pre-birth plan is created, your guides create our flow chart. A flow chart is a free-will plan in order to take independent actions to achieve people’s life goals. After their plan is completely done, they are born and forget about their pre-birth plan and who they really are.

Why don’t people remember their pre-birth plan?

To forget is a mandatory part of the life cycle because it helps us to get to know ourselves better and live the life we’re living to the maximum. Allegedly, we live in the time when people remember everything and many of them remember who they are and what’s their purpose on this earth. However, those who are not aware of their abilities but have the wish to get to know their soul better, always tend to connect with people who can help them achieve that. Those are the people who live with higher frequencies and know who they really are.

Has the pre-birth plan influence over the laws of attraction and manifestation?

Although our pre-birth plan is set, people still have the freedom to create any reality they choose for themselves. However, in order to do that, there are certain things they have to experience and attract what the things that are supposed to help them create their desired reality. For example, if you were supposed to experience a negative relationship in life, it’s natural that you will attract a negative person. Or if you have to overcome a desire or illness – you will manifest the desire or illness you’re supposed to experience. This is the laws of attraction and manifestation and people are not completely conscious of this law because they planned their experiences before they were even born. Many people who tend to do the right thing and experience positive state are confused when they face and attract something negative. What they don’t know is that their pre-birth plan is responsible for what they’re experiencing. This is a lesson that everyone needs to learn in order to stop feeling devastated when they realize that their life is way distant from their pre-birth plan and don’t get much surprised when everything they’ve to build is falling apart.

Can past lives influence your current life?

Once you decide to know more about your past lives – yes, they can have a bad influence on your current life because of many reasons. According to Don E. Stevens, another author of a book related to reincarnation’, there’s a tiny wall between the awareness of the current life and our previous ones.

Allegedly, the variety and strength of our previous lifetime memories can be complex and sometimes opposite of your present beliefs, values, and perceptions. The lifetime of our previous lives is way over in the past, and our lifetime is way over in the present and once the tiny was between them breaks, an individual can experience very upsetting things and emotions that could affect their current life. Discovering information about your past lives can actually damage your mental and emotional health.

Each reincarnation brings a different role to play

Aledeglly, each person reincarnates in a different role in each life chosen by our guides and elders before we come to this world. For example, everyone gets to chose whether he wants to be murdered or to be the murderer in his next life. Accepting this may seem hard for some people, however, it makes sense. Coming to Earth is always with a purpose and the biggest of them all is the growth of our souls. And soul growth in death is very slow because it occurs in hell or paradise. Anyway, with being able to forget their pre-birth plan, people get the chance to know their soul and learn things on a more profound level and grow.

Accepting that each person has a pre-birth role in this world can affect us in many good ways. For example, once you realize that everyone has a role to play, you will no longer hate anyone but understand their actions even when they’re negative because we live in a world where the battle between good and evil will never end.

Why is the theory of pre-birth plan important for every human being?

There are many stories about the creation and development of human lives, and we’re not saying that our theory is true but it’s more like a new perspective on life. We know that we live in a world where many interesting truths are hidden and some of them are slowly coming to light, and the story of reincarnation is one of them.

After hearing all those examples of people who remember their previous lives and actions they made or emotions they felt, can you be sure that reincarnation doesn’t really exist?

Isn’t it better to believe in reincarnation and forgive the negative of this world in order to make it a better place to live in? Believing in reincarnation is a positive thing after all because that way we get the chance to clear up our karma and hope for an eternal life in different bodies.

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