We women often fall for the wrong guy and complain that we don’t have luck in love after. Although we have a sixth scent which tells us which men to avoid or keep by our side, most of the time we ignore our instincts and listen to our heart, which by the way, is not always right when it comes to men. Why avoid guys you like but you know they are bad for you?

Keep in mind that it’s better to let go of something you like but know it’s bad for you, instead of getting involved in a useless relationship that you know will end tragically and you will end up brokenhearted. Keep reading and learn which 5 types of men you should avoid at all cost.

  1. The Womanizer

Having a womanizer in your life can certainly make you feel less valuable or cause you stress because a man who doesn’t make you feel like you’re the only woman in the world – doesn’t deserve you. He will always break his neck while looking at other women right in front of your eyes or even worse – you could end up cheated and miserable.

If you wonder how can you recognize a womanizer when you see one or how to leave someone who doesn’t appreciate you enough, ask your instinct for advice – your instinct always know the answer to every question. Women can certainly recognize a womanizer, however, thinking that you are THAT woman who’s going to change him is your biggest mistake.

  1. The Workaholic

Although you may seem impressed by his dedication to work at the beginning of your relationship, you won’t be impressed that much when he starts bringing his job at home or avoid seeing you or having sex with you by saying: ‘I have work to do.

Avoid guys like this because their job is always more important than the people in their lives. And no, you are not THAT woman who can change him. No one can change a guy like that, except for himself, once he realizes he lost everything he had because of his beloved job.

  1. The Crybaby

Dating or being married to someone who always complains or cries about everything, or gets easily insulted can definitely make you lose your mind after a while.

A man who’s a crybaby will use his tears in order to get what he wants from you or deceive an apology even when he doesn’t deserve it. Avoid guys like this because dating an independent man who knows his limits is way better than dating someone with a weak character and twisted mind, which by the way, are the two main traits of a hardcore crybaby.

  1. The Narcissist

While dating/being married to a narcissist, you will often catch yourself wondering: ‘Can he love me more or at least the same as he loves himself?’ or ‘Can he even love someone else except for himself?’ Although self-confident men who are aware of their qualities seem as a good catch, trust me when I say that with time, you will realize that his excessive self-esteem is NOT his quality but a disadvantage when it comes to relationships.

He will always have a comment about your looks or actions because he sees himself as the ‘best’ and he won’t risk ruining his social self-image because of you.

  1. Mr. ‘I Am Always Right’

We saved the worst for last – Mr. ‘I am always right’ who will make you go insane with his statements, values, and excessive behavior. Everything you do in his presence is wrong or not good enough because he always knows a better way.

You can’t argue with a person like that because there’s no point in arguing. People who think they know everything will neglect your opinion and you can never change their mind about anything, no matter what you do or say. Although they believe they know everything, what they don’t know is that only fools think they know everything.

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