The real purpose of life is to grow your soul and make it advanced. Wonder what is an advanced soul? Advanced souls are actually enlightened people who live their life with a mission and specific purpose – to raise their area and perception of the planet into a light and self-alignment to the main source.

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Other people prefer to call these people ‘old souls’ due to their incarnation into the world for several times more than average people. These souls have grown and become advanced with a wealthy spiritual knowledge, balance, and awareness. How to tell if someone is an advanced soul?

Advanced souls have traits that are way different from the characteristics of the average people and manifest themselves beyond normal wisdom. Check out the 14 main traits of an ‘old soul’. Who knows – maybe you’re one too.

  1. They can look right through you – when an old soul gazes at people, they feel like they’re looking into their soul because of the depth of their look. The eyes of old souls don’t move much and are steady, and once they look at you – they can see you inside out without staring.
  2. Their touch is soft and comforting – when an old soul touches you, you will feel like you’ve been healed from something you didn’t know was there thanks to their soft and comforting touch.
  3. Their voice is gentle – when you hear an old soul speaking, you can notice that their voice has got refinement and depth. Old should never speak loud and what they have to say always includes wisdom and free thought. They can even tell you where your life is heading and give you an advice on how to make it better. However, it’s up to you if you recognize their wisdom and listen to what they have to say. Although they have a gentle character, don’t expect from an old soul to give up fighting for what they believe in. They will firmly stand behind their decisions and convictions and nothing you say or do can change their attitude.
  4. They have a deep and still aura – an old soul is the omen of tranquility with a comforting presence that makes you feel free and relaxed. They are so calm that you will also become calm in their presence because no negativity hides behind their peace. However, although an old soul is often quiet, their appearance and presence are the ones that attract the whole attention.
  5. They are always honest – they speak and act sincerely because of their awareness and deep conscious. An old soul will never tell a lie because that would hurt and damage their self-respect.
  6. Old souls may show you the way, however, they will never push you to walk on it – although old souls may show you the path you should walk on in order to improve yourself and your life, they will never push you to walk on it. They know that everyone has the right to choose which path to walk in life.
  7. Old souls believe in Oneness and believe that everything that exists is connected – advanced souls don’t believe in race, skin color, borders, frontiers because what they believe in is that we’re all connected by the one spirit and everything that exists, comes from only one source.
  8. They wouldn’t trade their life with anyone – because they’re simply comfortable in their own skin and won’t lose their identity, no matter what.
  9. Old souls don’t believe in negativity/positivity – because they believe in the moment and what is, instead of living in duality (positive vs. negative). Their life is a journey in different dimensions.
  10. Money can’t impress them – old souls are not materialistic and don’t crave for luxury and extravagance. Money has no worth to them.
  11. An old soul always looks younger – despite their age, old souls always look younger than they really are. Wonder why? Because they’re totally aware of the temporary physical appearance and don’t care too much about their looks – and that’s their secret to perfect skin and light body weight, unlike others who are preoccupied with their skin and tend to look younger on purpose.
  12. They enjoy spending time alone – old souls cherish the time they spend alone because only then they can recharge, rest and reconnect with themselves.
  13. They have a strong bond with nature and animals – it’s in the nature of an advanced soul to be strongly bonded with nature and animals because from time to time, every old soul needs to reconnect with the spirit of nature and visit the animals which they consider as sacred creatures.
  14. Love is their compass – old souls don’t love because everyone does it and it’s the right thing to do but because love is what they are. Love is simply running through their veins and is the main ‘tool’ they use in order to show others the right way.

Did you come to realize that you’re an old soul after reading these 14 traits of an advanced soul? If yes, we would be honored if you add unique characteristics you old folks have in the comments.

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