Although it sounds unbelievable, extending our lifespan is possible. The science fields, such as experimental gerontology, indefinite life extension, anti-aging medicine, biomedical gerontology are focused to slow down or reduce the process that creates aging in human beings.

Wonder what results in they achieved by now? According to their reports, the average lifespan is extended to the maximum. As bizarre as it sounds, it’s true and it’s real. However, the real question is, do we really need science and technology in order to stop or reverse our aging? Is it possible that we can find another natural solution and extend our lifespan to maximum?

Once you envision this, we know what kind of feeling overwhelms your body and it feels like you’re in a crazy sci-fi movie like the ones you see in the cinema. Anyway, this is more than a scenario for a happy eternal life.

It’s real science and people are currently working on this process as you read this and wonder if it’s true or this is just another article to attract your attention in order to gain views.

Of course, we want to gain views, however, not in our favor but yours. You need to learn and keep up with the latest stuff that’s discovered which can certainly improve your life and take your mind to a more higher advanced level. Step outside your box and answer: ‘It’s possible?’

As some scientists claim, most humans are close-minded and because of that – we are decades away from extending our life to the maximum and change humanity’s history forever.

Ray Kurzweil is the chief engineer at one of the most powerful multinational technology company we all have heard of – Google, and he’s also working on this science. According to his assumptions, with time, we won’t have to worry about the growing number of humans thanks to the future transformation that won’t force us to fight for limited resources.

15 years from now, we will be able to satisfy our energy needs from solar, and when that happens, humans will be using 1 part in 10,000 of the sunlight that drops on our planet, says Kurzweil. He also assumes that when this happens, certain scientists will already have resolved the ‘limited resource factors’, stimulation other scientists to do the same.

Those who want to be younger as long as possible will face a harder concept for visualizing. Although we say harder, we’re not saying it’s impossible because it’s currently happening with editing cells and DNA which brings back our body in a youthful state.

What you need to do in order to increase your lifespan is to eat the right food, meditate and exercise continuously. Maybe you would have died at 90, however, this kind of healthy lifestyle would certainly give you a year or two more of your lifespan.

People who will actually understand the way healthy lifestyle works, together with function and gene therapy may maintain their youth and health for much longer than they thought they could. Once people understand the profound on this, the next important question is – will they eventually die someday? Although no one can give a relevant answer to this question, we can’t deny the fact that by changing our opinion about life and death, can certainly mean that one day death will become something that’s not absolute.

Today’s technology has given scientists the possibility to start questioning even the most unimaginable possibilities. We are witnesses that once science classified some things as impossible, however, they were later proven to be possible and even doable.

According to Kurzweil, the only thing that can limit our expectations will be our imagination in future and life will certainly be much fun then because people will be able to experience more profound relationships, music, art, literature and science, thanks to the technology.

If you pay close attention to how small changes can actually extend your lifespan, you will realize that life extension is becoming nearer every single day, and scientists can swear that this will become something that everyone will practice, even sooner than they assume.

What shortens our lifespan?

Have you ever wondered, what if our body was designed to live hundreds or even thousands of years, however, due to out faulty science, poor habits, unhealthy lifestyle and lack of knowledge and information we die earlier than we’re supposed to? Here’s the possible answer to the question what shortens our lifespan that you should definitely review in your own mind.

Reference: Collective Evolution