Worrying about things is okay. Thinking about them too is, but some people cannot control the rate at which they feel about a particular matter and create an awful scenario in their head, which might not even happen. These people are called over-thinkers. These people think so much about something until it starts to take over their minds completely. To know whether you’re an over-thinker or not, continue reading.

1. You try to find meaning in everything

You notice everything only too carefully. Nothing escapes your eyes. You’re one of those people who start thinking random stuff just because someone hasn’t replied to your text in a while or even if they had forgotten to put a smiley. You analyze the change in their tone too. Basically, you read a lot of in-between lines.

2. More thinking, less doing

You think more than you do. Most of your thoughts do not turn into actions. Sometimes you can’t even make a decision. It’s tough for you to pick sides. By the time your mind stops thinking, you have drained off all your energy. In such situations, I’d suggest you calm down, take a step, and step to it. Remember, the grass will always look greener on the other side, but the truth is that it’s green where you water it.

3. Solving a problem is an accomplishment for you

After creating a jungle of doubts and thoughts for yourself, you get really excited when you can solve a problem. It feels like some heavyweight has been lifted off your shoulders. It’s one of the best feelings ever, and you finally get some peace after constant thinking.

4. You can’t let go of things quickly

You can’t just let things ‘be’. You cannot stay without finding a conclusion to everything. You hate to leave things halfway. And more than that, you need answers to calm yourself. You can’t just eliminate something from your mind. 

5. You are always in search of new information

Once you come across a new piece of information. There is no stopping for you. You run behind it until you’ve found everything out about it. You want to know everything about it, every minute detail.

6. Small talks aren’t your thing.

You hate small talks. You’d rather not have a conversation with anyone than have small meaningless discussions. They just don’t make sense to you. When you start talking to someone, you want to know everything about that person, not just bits and pieces. You feel like it’s a waste of time to understand ‘half’ of someone.

7. You analyze people

You keep track of every action- from their body language to their way of speaking. You can detect even the slightest change in their behavior is noted by you. You can never avoid the details of a person or situation. You read everything carefully.

8. You love to do things that calm your mind. 

Of course, for a person whose mind is always stuck in a rat race, calming activities are a must. You love to do things that bring peace to your mind, like listening to soft music or painting or even walking on the beach or playing with your pet. These things help you realize the stress and cope up with life. This is how you keep going. 

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