Since we advised women which type of men should they avoid at all cost, it’s males turn to learn which girls not to date. However, let’s be clear at the beginning that building a healthy relationship doesn’t depend much on avoiding the wrong type or keeping the right one.

What really matters in a relationship is to find someone who will be able to grow together with you and become a better person for himself first, and for the sake of the relationship after.

According to Debra Filleta, a professional counselor and relationship expert, we are the only ones responsible for the type of person we date and it’s time for guys to learn which 10 girls to avoid in order to easily find someone who is prepared to build a healthy relationship.

  1. Spoiled Barbie Girl

We all have met this type of girls that are just too good to be true, however, if a girl seems too perfect to be true, then she probably isn’t. You can recognize this type of girl by the fact that she needs 200 hours to get ready or by the ton of makeup on her face that she puts even when going to the supermarket because she always has to look absolutely perfect.

However, although girls like this have a beautiful face, those with a beautiful inside as the outside, are extremely rare. Keep in mind that a girl like this can’t eat makeup in order to embellish her ugly personality if she has one.

  1. Flirt With Everyone

A girl who flirts with everyone will seduce you with her sexy glances and encourage you to approach her the same way she does with everyone else. Although she may lead you to think that you are special and this is the way she talks only to the guys she really likes, after time you will notice her game and need to flirt with everyone.

Some girls do that in order to feel wanted because they have low self-esteem and a big hungry ego they need to feed with compliments and sighs. Ask yourself: ‘Do I really need a girl who’s not confident enough and will flirt with everyone, including with my friends in my presence or when I turn my back?

  1. The ‘I’m sexy and I know it’ type of girls

Opposite of Ms. Flirt With Everyone, the type ‘I’m sexy and I know it’ seems confident and doesn’t allow other guys to get near her in order to feel superior and untouchable. However, behind the mask of high self-confidence, hides an insecure girl with a constant need to ask for compliments in order to feel more valuable and worthy.

Although girls like this will make you think that no other guy can get near them, once you stop with the compliments they will start searching for someone else who will appreciate their ‘value’. Avoid girls like this and search for the real self-confident girls who’s mood or value won’t depend on your compliments.

  1. Empty

At the beginning of the relationship, you may find mystery as something that’s attractive because it certainly is – until you get to know the real Ms. Empty and realize that her mystery is, in fact, her reality because there’s nothing deep inside of her.

A girl like this will start analyzing your inside and after a while, she will start asking questions like: ‘Why do you believe in what you believe?’ or question your values and goals in life because she doesn’t have her own. Avoid dating a girl like this because if she wasn’t interested in getting to know herself better, she won’t be interested in near future either.

  1. The Material girl

Ms. Gold digger or the material girl is something that any man should avoid dating or worse, getting married with a girl who’s only interest in life is money. Should we explain further? Okay. She loves your luxury automobile, your apartment/house, and most of all, she loves your cash.

However, what she doesn’t love is YOU because a material girl is immune to love. She seeks for security instead of someone for building an honest relationship. If you’re currently dating a gold digger, breakup before she breaks your bank account and leaves you with nothing.

  1. You Are Never Good Enough

For this type of girls, no man is ever good enough no matter what he does or how he does it. Choosing Ms. You Are Never Good Enough is probably the worst choice you will make in your life when it comes to girls.

Girls like this are always unsatisfied, problematic and annoying. They will suck out the soul out of you and spit it out on your shoes, saying: ‘You consider this as a soul?’ However, girls like this attract guys who are not self-confident enough.

Ask yourself: ‘Do I value myself enough?’ If the answer is: ‘Yes, I do’ then you should probably leave this girl and find someone who will appreciate you the same way you appreciate yourself. If the answer is: ‘No, I don’t’ – a girl like this by your side won’t help you grow your self-confidence. Leave her anyway.

  1. ‘I Am The Man In The House’ type of girls

A girl like this will tell you what to do, how to spend your paycheck, which clothes you can and can’t wear, she will chew your food and spit it in your mouth like mommy birds do for their offsprings and lead you to the bathroom because she’s a control freak.

What you should know about control freaks is that deep down inside, they feel helpless, aware of their inability to control everything or a specific area of their life. And that’s where you step in with your agreements to everything she says and does. She’s practically the man in the house. And although sometimes it’s necessary for a woman to act like a man and take over control, you certainly don’t need someone who does that all the time.

  1. I Don’t Know What I Want But I Want It Now

You will spend hours and hours wondering what you did wrong if you decide to date a girl who doesn’t know what she wants but wants it now. A girl like this can be into you in one moment, and leave you in the next one. She will love you now but hate you later.

However, she will always come back crying because she knows that’s your weakness. And you will take her back because you believe she’s changed. She will never change. And you know it because if she didn’t learn what she wants by now, she won’t learn in near future either.

  1. ‘You Are The Man In The House’ type of girls

There are girls who like being humble and ‘follow’ their ‘leaders’ – boyfriends. Although this may seem interesting at the beginning, you can be sure that this type of girl will bore you to death or annoy you to death, especially if her beliefs when it comes to relationships are ‘biblical’. She will wait for you to ALWAYS make the first step, and be the one ‘dictating’ the rules. That’s not a real and healthy relationship because a good relationship is consist of two people who grow together and actually care for each other and themselves.

  1. ‘Drama’ Is My Middle Name

Where she goes, drama follows – can you imagine that? She always has to have a dramatic moment with her family, friends, co-workers or even her boss and complain about it after. However, the drama is not the dangerous part of the personality of this type of girl, but her ability to make everyone else pay and apologize for her mistakes.

Girls like this have the power to always dramatize when they’ve done something wrong in order to defocus the attention from their mistake. A girl like this can never understand and accept the responsibility that comes with maintaining a healthy drama-free relationship.

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