There are certain things in relationships that men can’t stand. Here are a few examples:

  1. Nagging – Whether you like to admit it or not, your man is a smart person. He often listens to what you have to say, he knows exactly what needs to be done, and he has every intention of following through with his plans. Men are very good at this, but they will do things in their own time and in their own way. Nagging at your man will not change any of these facts. In fact, nagging will only create tension in the relationship.
  1. Complaining – No life is perfect, and complaining is not going to make things any better. It is important to share the things that bother you or things that make you frustrated or upset. Those things shouldn’t be the only things you share with your man. Consistent nagging and complaining will only stress your relationship, so keep in mind to stay positive.
  1. Small Talk – We all know women love to talk and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but sometimes things that are said is just too much information. Never talk negatively about your man to your friends. If you have problems in the relationship, make quality time with your significant other and work together to make a resolve, and only between the two of you.
  1. Don’t be Disrespectful – Men are not perfect, and all men know it. Men have a tendency to respond well to being corrected if it is brought in a loving manner. They want to feel respected.
  1. Make your Man a Priority – Make sure your man isn’t being neglected – Life can get very hectic sometimes. There are so many responsibilities, and you could possibly be giving everyone attention but your mate. Men are people too and it is possible that we can feel neglected.
  1. Bargaining sex – A woman should never use sex as something to bargain with. Doing so will create a path the will separate you both and turn your relationship into a game. Your relationship isn’t a game. The way you are intimate could be completely different than your mates, but it shouldn’t only be given as a reward when we do something good. If you feel you must withhold sex then you both need to work things out together.
  1. Don’t Over Spend – This one is obvious, isn’t it? This isn’t always the case but it is very common for the woman to be the spender and the husband to be cheap. Make sure you and your man are on the same page financially. Money problems are the center of many divorces.
  1. You aren’t his Mom – You might not think so but your man is grown even if he doesn’t seem like it. He isn’t with you because he needs another mother. So don’t be one. Men need a best friend and someone to confide in. Control the urges to manage him, or be suggesting you make his decisions. Let him talk and share things with you on his own time. This is a lot better than trying to pry information from them like an interrogation.
  1. Be Realistic in Your Expectations – Men love their Women. We want to be your hero and everything you want us to be. Never lower your expectations, but keep in mind that things take time, and sometimes progression will be slow. Men have enough pressure at work or from their family, they shouldn’t have to feel it from their best friend and mate as well.
  2. Give them space-Men enjoy having their own space sometimes. We feel empowered by it. If that space is being taken over, he will feel challenged and will likely be defensive. Let your man play his role in your relationship, and appreciate them if they do well.

This might seem like a lot of work. If the man you are with is worth it, then you should want to do these things to keep him happy. A relationship is sometimes a job and a lot of work but if you love and enjoy each other, both of you may have a satisfying relationship.

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