Although practice can make sex perfect, it can also make it boring when it comes to long-termed relationships. However, it doesn’t mean that new couples don’t make the same mistakes as those who are together for years.

Here are the 10 terrible mistakes every couple makes that can put an abrupt end to their sex life and you and your lover should avoid at all costs.

  1. Acting like robots

The first mistake is that sometimes both men and women let their partner do all the work and act like robots which can be a total turn off. It’s necessary to cooperate and try to please each other while having sex. Don’t just lie there and act dead because if you do this often, your sex life will certainly die and your partner will start avoiding sex, or worst, he will start avoiding you.

  1. One is always too shy to express what he/she wants

Speak your mind. Tell your partner what you want. Tell him/her where you want it or when you want it. Raise your voice in order to experience great sex. Keep in mind that your partner can’t read your mind and you shouldn’t be shy when it comes to expressing sexual desires because by doing that – you get your partner turned on even more.

  1. They never ask each other: ‘Do you like/enjoy that?’

Again – talk! I know that talking before sex can seem awkward, however, it will save your sex life from dying. If you know what kind of things your partner likes, and he/she knows what kind of things you like, it will be easier for both of you to please each other.

  1. You have sex or force your partner to have sex with you even when you both don’t feel like it

You have read on the Internet that sex reduces stress and it’s right – sex does reduce stress. However, you don’t need to have sex or force your partner to have sex with you whenever you feel stressed or sad or whatever. This can seriously damage your sex life because your partner can stop expressing his feelings, scared that you might drag him to bed although he doesn’t feel like it sometimes. Keep in mind that when your partner wants to have sex, he will certainly let you know.

  1. You accept the foreplay but don’t do it yourself

Accepting the foreplay and leaving your partner to do his part and jump into sex after is disrespectful and kinda selfish. Don’t just lie there and do nothing while your partner is trying to warm up the bed. Release yourself and let your instincts take over. You will be surprised when you see how a complete foreplay can satisfy yours and your partner’s sex hunger more than the sex itself.

  1. You skip the foreplay

This is something women do all the time thinking that men don’t like foreplay. Well, ladies, you are totally wrong because every man likes foreplay. Skipping it can only make sex boring and mechanical.

  1. Your pleasure is your primary goal

If you tend to please yourself during sex, without pleasing your partner that could put an end to your sex life. Why? Because your partner will think that you see him only as your sex toy and you don’t care whether he’s pleased or not, which you obviously don’t if your pleasure is your primary goal. Learn how to please your partner and yourself at the same time or consequently.

  1. You talk too much

Although I said that you should talk about sex before you have sex and always express what you like and don’t like while having sex, always be careful because sometimes too much talking can reduce sex desire and kill your partner’s mood.

  1. You don’t shave

This is a total disaster and happens usually between couples who are together for a long time thinking this can not affect their sexual desire. Sorry to disappoint you but it certainly can. If you wonder why – just ask yourself, why did you shaved when you started dating your partner and your sex life was still fresh and wild?

  1. You turn every touch into sex

Turning every touch into sex is our last mistake on the list. However, it’s not less important than the others and can certainly kill your sex mood after a while. Keep in mind that when your partner’s touching you, he doesn’t always want to have sex but simply enjoy your presence and closeness. If he wants sex, he will definitely send other signals which you will recognize and start playing the game. Until then, stick up to cuddling and keep your sex life interesting, please.

Reference: Peace Quarters