Making mistakes and collecting practical experience is an unavoidable part of our lives and certainly something that helps us grow mentally and spiritually.

However, not everyone allows themselves to grow and learn from their mistakes because most of the people hate making mistakes, when in fact, they should love their mistakes. Instead, they chose to fake perfection and end up miserable.

People who are ashamed of their mistakes and can’t accept the fact that what happened, can’t be changed, usually transfer the blame on others or deny it.

Although they fake happiness and perfections in front of other people just to keep the perfect image of themselves, when they stay alone, mistakes they’ve made and denied enter their room without asking and start attacking their mind.

In order to avoid this, we must learn how to accept our mistakes, learn from them and move one because that’s way better than pretending to be something we’re not and here are the 7 main reasons why.

  1. Making mistakes makes us smarter and stronger: when we make mistakes, we gain experience and think twice before we take some action or say something. This leads to the conclusion that making mistakes can make us smarter, however, it can also make us stronger once we accept what we did and learn from it.
  2. Making mistakes awakens our creativity: once we make a wrong assessment of something or make an unexpected mistake, our creative side comes to the fore and ‘force’ us to think of a more creative way to deal with similar situations in future. Except this, people who make mistakes and are in pain because of it but accept the consequences are prone to create art that expresses their feelings.
  3. Making mistakes improves our intuition and sharpens our focus: we are always paying more attention to details and follow our intuition once we make a mistake, even if it’s something that we were absolutely sure to completely know before we made the mistake. Also, we focus on the little details more than the entire picture because a person never stumbles from mountains but stones.
  4. Making mistakes can teach us that light can’t exist without darkness: how can we make a difference between right or wrong, if there wasn’t for mistakes? Accepting your mistakes means accepting the fact that life is consist of good and bad moments and that’s fine because light can’t exist without darkness, can it?
  5. Making mistakes helps us feel alive: it’s simple – you better be sorry for the things you’ve done, rather for the things you’ve missed and chose to skip scared that you might make a mistake if you do what you want.
  6. Making mistakes is the only way to become an expert at something: as one of America’s greatest inventor once said: ‘I have not failed but found 10,000 ways that don’t work – an amazing and instructive quote that you should read after making a mistake. Mistakes are your bricks for building your road to success. Many great people who are still mentioned today had this perception about mistakes, and when they could accept and use them in order to become the best in their field of work, why can’t you?
  7. Making mistakes makes YOU a better person: this refers ONLY to the people who accept their mistakes, learn from them, help themselves to grow spiritually and mentally along with their experience and trying to improve themselves constantly. For the others, we hope that one day you will understand that mistakes are not considered as failures but tools for making YOU a better, smarter and more intuitive person.
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