Having a real integrity in life it to do the right things even when no one is watching. However, there are a few other characteristics that indicate when a person has a real integrity or not.

Having a real integrity is actually the most difficult thing to notice in people because we can never know if a person does the right thing only to impress us or it’s just who they are.

Keep reading and discover the 9 powerful character traits only people with real integrity have and learn how to recognize those who do the right thing even when no one is watching, and separate them from those who do the right thing only when they feel forced to do so.

  1. They share honest compliments and critics

People with real integrity will give an honest compliment where it’s needed and an honest critic to someone who deserves it. However, they never judge anyone because it’s not their business to brag about other people’s mistakes and flaws.

  1. They value every person’s time and effort

Unlike average people who don’t appreciate other people’s time and attention, a person with a real integrity knows that time is the most valuable thing in the world and no one is allowed to waste someone else’s time or play with their emotions.

  1. They know that apologizing won’t make them weaker

People with real integrity are never afraid to apologize for the mistake they’ve done because they know that apologizing can only make you a bigger, instead of a weaker man.

  1. They forgive other people’s mistakes

People with real integrity not only apologize for their mistakes also forgive other people’s mistakes even when they don’t deserve it. They are aware of the fact that no one is a saint and everyone is allowed to make mistakes from time to time in order to learn and grow.

  1. People with real integrity never generalize people

They know that an individual never represents the entire group and never generalize people because they know that each individual is different and unique in their own manner, weak or strong, bad or good and that everyone deserves a chance to prove their true value.

  1. They trust people and their word

Although people sometimes don’t keep their word, those with real integrity trust them and believe they will because you can never know the real reasons why someone failed to keep their word. People with real integrity always tend to give other people the needed space for recovery.

  1. They volunteer and are always a part of something bigger

People with real integrity want to be a part of better and greater things that can change the world or the world they live in. Being a part of something that helps the world to become a better place for living is their priority and makes them feel good about themselves. People with real integrity know that bad people aren’t always the ones to blame for the cruelty in this world, but good people who don’t do anything to stop them.

  1. They know how to handle disagreements

People with real integrity have the ability to handle disagreements without arguing which is very important because everyone is allowed to have their own opinion and if everyone in this world understands this – the world would certainly become a better place to live in.

  1. They don’t manipulate other people

Everyone has the right to decide for themselves and people with real integrity know this. They never interfere in other people’s lives or try to change the people they care about.

By practicing freedom of this kind, they teach others that manipulation with others is unnecessary and definitely not a character trait of a person with real integrity.

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Reference: Life Coach Code