We often wonder what’s the difference between people who are always happy and people who are always unhappy. You would probably answer that person who is unhappy experience unpleasant events or don’t have as much luck as happy people in life.

We have to disagree with you because happiness is a state of mind and the only thing that separates happy from unhappy people is the perception and these 15 significant things that happy people do differently than others.

  1. People who are happy are not afraid to love

Unlike average people who are afraid to love again after surviving a heartbreak, happy people love unconditionally because they know that not everyone is like the person who hurt them once. Happy people tend to love the right people the way they once loved the wrong ones.

  1. Happy people learn from their mistakes instead of denying them

Average people will comfort themselves that making a mistake wasn’t their own fault. Happy people on the other side confront their mistakes and instead of denying them – they learn from their mistakes and use them to grow with their help.

  1. Happy people forgive and forget

Happy people know that forgiveness is their way to peace, unlike average people who tend to revenge instead of forgiving and forget. Happy people forgive not because other people deserve but because they know that they deserve their peace.

  1. They trust other people

By trusting people you can’t lose anything except for a wrong person who’s not supposed to be in your life anymore. Happy people are aware of this and trust other people unconditionally.

  1. Happy people tend to focus on doing the things they love

Unlike average people who accept their fate and tend to do things they don’t like, thinking that God wants them to survive bad things in order to become stronger, happy people like to create their own ‘destiny’ and focus on doing the thighs they love. Average people often say that happy people had luck, however, that’s not true and they know it. Happy people had the courage to follow their instincts and dreams and live a successful life thanks to their persistence.

  1. They encourage positive behavior in others

Average people focus on the bad things people make and see only what’s wrong with people. Unlike them, happy people like to encourage positive behavior and instead of pointing out bad sides, they try to highlight a person’s good side in order to keep them motivated and inspired to become better people.

  1. Happy people see problems as challenges

Average people see every problem as an unpleasant surprise, while happy people see problems and failures as challenges and opportunities. With overcoming these challenges, they improve their potential and grow spiritually unlike average people who hate challenges and can’t see the opportunity that hides behind every problem.

  1. Happy people are not selfish people

Simple as that. You can’t be happy if you are selfish and you can’t be selfish if you are happy. Happy people like to share their happiness with others and spread positive energy.

  1. They know that poverty is only a state of mind

People who consider themselves as incapable of enjoying the beauty of life and everything that life has to offer will never have enough even when they have everything.

Happy people know that poverty is a state of mind and are aware that everyone is capable of getting everything they want – they just need to change their perception and point of view.

  1. Happy people are daydreamers who dream big

Unlike average people who don’t dare to dream big and like to sit in their comfortable box, happy people dare to dream big because they know that only big people can dream big. A person without dreams is just another walking dead, and happy people know this.

  1. A happy person is never cruel but kind

Kindness is a happy person’s characteristic because happy people simply don’t know how to be cruel to others.

  1. Happy people see beauty in everything

Unlike average people who see the ugly side of everything, happy people see the beautiful side of everything and know that there’s no such thing as ‘ugly’ – only different perception of things.

  1. Happy people are happy with what they have at the moment

Average people can never get enough of anything. Happy people are happy with what they have at the moment and always aim for more without complaining about their life on a daily basis.

  1. They find a solution to every problem

Average people find a problem to every solution because they’re full of negative energy that stops them from looking at the bright side and be happy. Happy people, on the other hand, will find a solution to every problem and always look at the bright side of life.

  1. Happy people always take responsibility for their actions

Unlike average people who are blaming others for their unhappiness in life and the actions they take, happy people always take responsibility for their actions and learn from their mistakes without blaming someone else, even when they have the right to do it. They know that everything that happens in their life is up to them and their perception of things.

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Reference: Body Mind Soul Spirit