Are you one of those people who tends to escape reality sometimes and dive into your fantasy world where everything is perfect and ordered by your own taste and wishes?

If yes, then you might be a daydreamer. A daydreamer is a person who has a blurred contact with the rest of the world and spends more time in his imaginary world where he feels happy and pleased. According to researchers and studies, daydreamers allow their mind to escape reality and everyday routine by entering a fantasy world where all their wishes are fulfilled.

Keep reading and allow me to introduce to you the 7 signs that are certainly indicating that you might be a daydreamer yourself and feel free to share your daydreaming experience with us.

  1. You enjoy solitude

Hanging out with people drains you and sucks your energy. That’s why you prefer solitude and diving into your fantasy world where you relax and don’t have to deal with humans. Instead, you prefer dealing with your thoughts and your future goals.

A daydreamer always questions his values and changes his perception because he’s an open minded person who’s often seen as a freak because of his wish to spend more time alone. Sounds like you? If yes, then you’re probably a daydreamer and don’t care about the real world.

  1. You prefer freelance work over regular work

Working from 8 to 5 seems acceptable but is not the best option for you. Daydreamers enjoy freelance work because they can dive into their fantasy world anytime during the day without worrying about their boss or co-workers. Are you a freelancer? If yes, this is another sign indicating that you’re probably a daydreamer too.

  1. Your bathroom/shower are your favorite parts of your home

If you’re a daydreamer you will probably spend more time in your toilet or shower than with people because those are the places where you can be completely alone and enjoy in your fantasy world. Aside from this, daydreamers always bring important decisions while sitting on the toilet shell or while singing in the shower.

  1. You experience some hard time bonding with people

When people come to you with their usual everyday problems and concerns, you are like: ‘Why do you have to worry about everything?’ or ‘Can’t you just relax for a minute or two?’

If you’re a daydreamer you will probably experience difficulties while bonding with people because we all know that average people love small talks, gossips and worrying about things that will never happen, unlike daydreamers who just … daydream, relax and always look at the bright side of everything.

Average people tend to find a problem for every solution and daydreamers have a solution for every problem which is why both sides can experience some difficulties in communication.

  1. Everything is possible if you just believe

A daydreamer is a person who dreams with eyes wide open, however, that doesn’t mean that daydreamers just dream about their goals and don’t do anything to achieve them. On the contrary – there’s nothing impossible for a daydreamer because he knows that everything he wishes – he can certainly accomplish with a good plan and hard work.

  1. Reading is your favorite activity

Reading has the same effect on people as daydreaming and that’s why daydreamers love to read and sometimes escape reality in a different manner.

  1. Creativity is your middle name

Daydreaming is the mother of creativity because before we create masterpieces, we must first dive into our imaginary world and get inspired from something that’s hidden inside our imagination. This is the reason why daydreamers are considered as creative people with an artistic side and if you consider yourself as a creative person than you’re probably a daydreamer.

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