We are all one, connected and part of the same singular existence. Do you truly believe that? Nature shows us just how true this statement is, by providing proof of its impact upon the human being. Our systems, our mind and our structures are all influenced by some aspect of nature. We are, directly and indirectly affected by our surroundings.

Nature soothes our mind, body and soul

Have you ever felt stressed, then when you took a walk outside, you were instantly calm again? I have, and this solution was a natural one void of all side-effects. The thing is, nature has the ability to create a soothing atmosphere, one filled with trees, water and all sorts of vegetation, which can reduce muscle tension, regulate breathing and even still shaking hands.

Patients in hospitals, when able to view landscapes, are said to heal faster than those who are left with a view of the hospital room or noise and distraction from electronics. It seems that nothing can calm the nerves quite as well as the motherly arms of nature herself.

Nature heals us

Not only does nature heal patients of physical ailments, but it can also heal the mind. Mental illness is worsened by the hustle and bustle of the day to day life. Crowded streets, heavy traffic and loud voices can exacerbate the symptoms of anxiety and even leave a lasting impression during episodes of depression.

Nature has the ability to reduce blood pressure and elevate the mood. Science has discovered that the mood is directly associated with how the body performs, so high dosages of nature can increase the speed of healing. Research states that simply placing one plant in a hospital room can greatly affect the patient in a positive way. Nature truly is the best medicine.

Connecting through nature

The connections between us and nature go deep. The human being instantly becomes more sociable and understanding when in a natural environment. When more trees were planted in various neighborhoods, researchers reported that crime decreased and people were more prone to make connections with each other. Even looking at photos of urban areas created more stress than when viewing nature scenes.

Also, connections between humans and nature are also increased when submerged into a purely natural environment. The human being begins to fall in love with nature, almost as if they are tapping into some past instinct. It’s magical.

We are restored through nature

All the things we thought we lost, pieces of ourselves and feelings, they can all be restored with the power of nature. Changing our environments to include raw mother earth can help us renew and regenerate our bodies and our minds. It’s not so much about healing but about bring things back to it’s rightful origin. If you’ve lost who you are, you can find that person by spending more time with nature.

The damage of leaving nature behind

If we refuse to return to our roots, we can expect to continue battling the advance of technology. Now, I’m not saying that technology is a bad thing, rather, it has taken the place of our desire to step outside. So many of us rarely even leave the house anymore, except to visit the store or go to work.

What we need is to start over, walk outside and say hello to the natural world which is such a huge part of us. After all, we genuinely one creature – we are one body, one mind and one spirit. We must never lose sight of who we really are and of the beauty that surrounds us every day. Never ever take nature for granted.

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