Artificial intelligence is quite possibly one of the world’s most demanding obsessions. Some people find it frightening because of the belief that robots and machines will one day take over the world.

Worrying about the future of artificial intelligence can be scary. Quite frankly, to worry about the takeover of artificial intelligence is like worrying about the sun drowning out in water. One day some wild and crazy phenomenon might just drown the sun, but now is not the time to worry about it. We have yet to find anything to have this effect on the sun so we can’t possibly work on this issue.

Artificial intelligence is the new form of electricity. No matter where you are or what you do in your career, it is most likely that artificial intelligence will transform it, just as electricity evolved an age from industry to industry.

No matter what your career choice is, I pray that you will come to figure out how to gain leverage on artificial intelligence. It will create more winners and more losers in every job field.


Artificial intelligence is the solution to many special problems, and in most cases the A.I. are better than humans. Although this is a great thing, there is no way for artificial intelligence to handle all of the world’s problem’s simultaneously.

There must be a lot of human effort given to deliver a unique A. I. system for medicine; even then it doesn’t solve other issues as easily as society might believe.

When searching for usefulness of A.I. in your industry look to see if it’s digitized, which means most of the work is done by computers. This creates information we call data, this gives the A.I. the chance to read the data and make decisions or do things with its most intelligent ability.

The best application of A.I. currently is probably advertising or deciding what ad is visible to each individual. There is a lot of data in the world of digitalization and because of that, A.I. has become very sophisticated.

The fintech industry has moved a lot to the digital realm. Health care is further behind, and construction is as well. There is a pattern here which is digitization, that creates data, and trailing that comes the A.I.


So what careers will be available for my children when they are grown? Well we can start by saying radiology. A.I. has improved at reading radiology images. This could be a great five to ten year career.

In the broader spectrum, any task where humans are doing a regular routine or repetitive work, this creates a strong incentive for artificial intelligence to automate the task at hand.

Anything an average human is capable of doing in less than one second of mental capabilities; it is possible in the close future to automate using artificial intelligence.

So take a police officer for example looking at a video camera feed. Are there a lot of people involved in this? Are any of them doing anything that might be suspicious? There are lots of one second judgments that are strung together here. I believe most of that can and will be automated.

The Future

We are entering a day and age where lifelong learning isn’t an option. The older form of education in which you go to a collegiate institute for four years and breeze through the next 50 years of your life makes no sense. A good majority of all things we create today will be obsolete. The land is always shifting, so you have to keep learning all you can.

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