An Insecurity can be an awful thing in all your relationships. There is a theory that you have emotional and physical attachments, when growing up, which includes your mother and father. It shows that when there is a strong relationship with either or both guardians, you are more mentally sound. This connection links certain behaviors for children. Through this, children often seek an attachment figure when something makes them feel uncomfortable. There have been other studies that suggest that disturbed children really need their mother.

Issues in Adult Relationships

You may often have expectations that are unreal and cause your relationship to fall apart. Sometimes your anxiety will build up over smaller issues and you never think of what happens within yourself. It’s quite possible that you are overly jealous and begin to despise yourself for your actions. These insecurities never allow you to have peace in your life. The problem with attachment often makes you a hysterical husband or an over protective wife. Some of us are so damaged that we don’t understand what it means to feel or be a part of something that makes us feel secure.

A child’s relationship with their parents and the feel of security, plays a huge role in the securities of their adulthood.

Much needed Love

The fear of loving can be an issue you have. Often we evade involving ourselves in serious relationships so we don’t have to worry with the raw emotions we have inside.

We never open our hearts to someone if they feel unfamiliar to us. If we haven’t experienced something before, it can and will give you a more aggressive response.

No longer do you need to suffer from childhood feelings in your relationships as an adult. There are many methods that allow you to battle your insecurities. Not only will you get in touch with your inner self but you will be able to share love with another without feeling that you will get hurt.

Seeking Help

Almost all your life you have been hiding your emotions that have increased through not feeling loved or cared for as a child. Sixty percent of people have a secure connection. Twenty percent avoid attachment. Another twenty percent suffer from anxious attachments.

Seeking help such as a therapist will allow you to find the pain you have had within you for your entire lifetime. This help will promote the healing process to start and you will be able have the tools to rebuild relationships.

Other Methods to Heal Your Insecurities

If your relationships are failing due to childhood experiences, here are a few methods that you might be able to partake in.

  1. Remain relaxed. In any form of therapy, there is a need for you to be calm and relaxed. Feelings that you have endured when you reveal your childhood pains should involve meditation. This is a powerful form of healing.
  2. If you are in love already and both of you have attachment issues, both of you going to therapy could be helpful. Going through the changing of your life together, you will be able to manage any problem or situation.
  3. Find friends or people who are the opposite of you. It is not good for you to be with someone who has their own problems emotionally. If you experience good things with someone who is secure, that will help you deal with your own insecurities.
  4. Seek out your pattern of attachments and do research on it. There is unlimited information these days. Find out what is resonating within you. You will be able to battle your situation better if you know what you have on your hands.

The Healing is Priceless

When you are able to open your heart more freely you will have unlimited energy in your life. If you are able to boost your securities, you will be more compassionate and friendly. That feels great. The more you are able to provide emotionally, the more secure you will be.

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