“Animal lovers are a special breed of humans, generous of spirit, full of empathy, perhaps a little prone to sentimentality, and with hearts as big as a cloudless sky.” – John Grogan

Thank you, animal lovers, for making this world much more beautiful! If you are also an animal lover, you will surely see yourself in the subtitles written below:

  1. You are probably taking care of pets at home.

How is it possible for an animal-lover not to have a single pet at home? If you let them they will open their house to all animals in the world. They love taking care of pets, spending time, hanging out with them. Even if they do not have any pet at home, they probably dream about it and will do it one day.

  1. You put a plate of water or food in front of your door.

Animal lovers respect any animal. At the same time, they never forget street animals. If they see an animal while walking on the street, they will give them water – or food if possible – and they regularly put a plate of water, food or the remaining chicken bones from the meal in front of their doors for them.  If a street animal is in a need for help, animal-lovers are the first ones who will run for their help.

  1. An animal-lover appreciates animals more than humans.

Let’s face it now, as animal lovers, we all think animals are better than humans. At least they show more intimacy and love, and in contrast to most of the people, we know they will not leave us. Even in our hardest times, they are always there!

  1. You do not support zoos or circuses.

A real animal-lover never feels comfortable to visit a zoo or a circus. They have strong empathy towards animals and can feel their sadness while they are being imprisoned in zoos. Simply, they feel a pressure, sadness, disturbance if they visit zoos or circus because of this they usually prefer not to.

  1. They love researching about animals.

You can find an animal-lover researching on the internet like they are writing a master thesis when actually they are exploring knowledge on animals or watching animal’s videos for hours. Especially if they have pets, they have little difference from veterinarians. You can ask them whatever you want about animals and their health, they will definitely have an answer.

  1. You feel guilty even if it was just a small insect that you have killed.

Even if it was the mosquito that made you stay awake all night because of its noise, you feel guilty if you would kill it so you prefer just to throw it away from your window. Because of your high empathy, you cannot feel comfortable to kill any kind of animal whether it is a spider, a mosquito or a cockroach.

  1. You cannot understand people who do not love animals.

If a person does not love animals, we doubt him and prefer to stay away from them. How can a human being does not love animals? Don’t you see how cute and lovely they are? And if there is someone who says that they hate animals, just wait and see the world war III.

  1. Your phone is full of pictures of your pets or your favorite animal.

If you have a pet, your photos mostly consist of you and your pet, or only your pet’s. On the social media too, most of your pictures are of your pet’s. If you do not have a pet, your favorite animal’s picture is everywhere and everyone knows that you absolutely adore it.

  1. You have a strong empathy towards them.

If an animal is hurt, you feel like you have been hurt. If you see a hungry animal, you feel like you haven’t eaten anything for days. An animal lover simply understands animals, their feelings, and emotions. They cannot watch the videos of animal torture because in any case, they put themselves in their position.

  1. You adore animals.

There are no real sufficient words to explain how much an animal lover loves animals. Animals are everything to us. They make this world much more beautiful.

Copyright: Dream Humanity