In many aspects animals seem to be more open-minded than people. If you were one of those who think ‘What? homosexuality? there is no homosexuality in animals!’ forget about what you used to know! Because scientists say exactly the opposite, that homosexuality in nature is possible, even, it often happens. Until today, it has been found out by researchers that there are more than 1,500 homosexual tendencies in animals; However, right now we will talk about few of them.

  1. Female Gorillas

Scientists from the University of Western Australia have observed that female gorillas in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda have “genital proximity” and “genital friction” with each other, making pelvic movements and making sounds similar to those they get during sex.

2. Albatrosses

A biologist at the University of Hawaii, studying on the albatross colony in Oahu, says two-thirds of the albatross pairs are formed by two female. According to a biologist named Lindsay Young, some female couples have been staying together for almost 19 years.To reproduce, they first choose a male pair, then they raise their offspring with a female partner. “I do not know what the right phrase is, but this colony tends to be the largest homosexual colony in the world.” says Young.

3. Bonobos

When it comes to sexual behavior, it can not be said that there are limits to bonobos because they see it as a means to strengthen intra-group ties. Especially female bonobos are very comfortable in that. According to Live Science, we should not consider albatrosses with female bonobos the same. While the albatrosses sit side by side, the bonobos almost have sex like humans. In National Geographic’s report, almost all bonobos tend to be bisexual.

4. Giraffes

Young giraffes can exhibit homosexual behavior before reaching sexual maturity. It is known that the male giraffes are tongue kissing, rubbing, nose and rubbing their bodies among themselves.

5. Black Swans

It is known that about a quarter of black swan couples consist of male pairs. In a study, more than 130 birds of the world were shown to exhibit homosexual behavior. According to Oxford Journals, this kind of sexual behavior in birds is part of the “mating system and incubation development”

6. Griffon Vultures

A pair of male griffon vultures Dashik and Yehuda raised two puppies together at the Jerusalem Zoo. A few years later, Yehuda paired up with a newly arrived female vulture. After this, Dashik entered depression and moved to the zoo in Tel Aviv University. Dashik built a home here with another female vulture. In their new heterosexual relationship, the wives of Dashik and Yehuda lay eggs the same day, the eggs cracked on the same day, and the two chicks had the same weight. Michal Erez, Head of the Birds Section of the Jerusalem Zoo, commented, “It is a very crazy coincidence …”

7. American Bisons

Scientists believe that a large number of male bisons spent the rest of the year with homosexual sex because the bison only mated once a year.

8. Dolphins

In general, we see that animals have passed through a homosexual state before they have fully matured. For example, male dolphins usually establish temporary sexual intercourse among themselves


Male elephants pair with females, however, after that they spend time with their fellow partners for a long time, sometimes for years. This kind of gender relations is usually seen among a young male elephant and an old male elephant.

10. African Lions

According to observations, male lions who live only in groups with men; they leave the group to mate with females and then return to their male partners. Scientists believe that the main reason for the homosexual tendency in male lions is that they are left alone when the female lions go hunting. At the same time, homosexual tendencies are observed among female lions.

11. Bedbugs



13.European Skunks


15. Sheep