Nowadays the new trend is that most of the people are attracted to the intelligence of the other person rather than their physical outlook. This is something good, however, we should be aware that most of the intelligent people face with certain struggles. Many people believe that the life becomes better and easier if one is intelligent. But this is not true. Intelligence helps us succeed, do tasks better and perform easier; but at the same time, sometimes it makes the individual feel tired. High intelligence is even associated with many serious psychological disorders that can even lead the individual to attempt suicide. So before envying highly intelligent people, think twice.

“Ignorance is bliss”

These are the disadvantages of being highly intelligent:

  1. Your logic is always superior over your emotions.

Highly intelligent people are not emotionless. However, if they have been stuck between their logic and emotions; they will definitely follow their logic. Sometimes emotions represent our weak side and if we follow them, they may leave us in the middle of nowhere. But intelligent people choose to think rationally at any time because this makes one stronger and it is more likely to be the best choice.

2. You have problems with authority.


Highly intelligent people are attached to their own independence. Taking orders from other people annoys them a lot. They prefer to follow their mind instead of others because they trust it the most.

3. Everyone thinks you have all the answers.


People expect from intelligent people to know anything and constantly ask something. If the clever one does not have the answer, they look surprised and this makes the intelligent individual uncomfortable.

4. You are low on social skills.


No, this is not just a myth. Highly intelligent people are not socially active, in fact, most of them prefer loneliness. This is because they tend to have different perspective and viewpoint of the world from the rest of the society and consequently they face with difficulties in maintaining interpersonal relationships. They simply cannot agree with ordinary people and do not like their conversations. If you are highly intelligent, you know what I am talking about.

5. Intelligent people constantly over-think.


Over thinking does not only have negative effects but is also a sign of intelligent people. When we think too much, it means our brain is constantly working. It is the same for intelligent people. Their brain never stops working, including overthinking; that’s why they are highly intelligent. But this is considered a disadvantage because it prevents one experience the feelings of happiness and pleasure.

6. Happiness can be something difficult to achieve.


This is connected to the all disadvantages we mentioned until now. Because clever people usually overthink, be stuck in details for a long time instead of focusing on the present moment and because they have problems with confronting to the society so happiness becomes something difficult to reach.

7. There is a great probability you suffer from a mental disorder.


If you are highly intelligent, you are also more likely to have psychological problems. Some of the problems will result because of your environment. Imagine being the smartest one in the room, your professor will be jealous of you and he would feel pleasure to fail you , your friends would be distant from you because they will look ignorant next to you. In short you will not be accepted by the society and this might bring up depression or other psychological problems. Not only this, most of the highly intelligent people tend to be psychologically ill from the moment they are born. There is a link between being genius and having mental or emotional problems.


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