As people started to wake up, questions and debates over the topics such as nature, animal rights, especially zoos have begun intensely and still continues. However, there are still people who are uninformed about the real problems we have on our planet. If you tell about the endangered animals and about the danger of extinction they have, everybody will look like they feel sad and support them for their goodness in social media; but they still would continue visiting zoos. We should raise awareness that the zoos are actually harmful to animals and stop visiting them.

 Did you know that there are also people who joke on monkeys because they are similar as human beings, and give them to try a cigarette to smoke in the zoos? We should develop and change ourselves, in order to be a better model example for the future generations.

Their freedom has been taken away.

If you have ever visited a zoo, you probably have come across with how animals look unhappy. We human beings often believe animals cannot think nor do they have feelings. But animals actually have very similar brain structure just as people. They also have a nervous system, which means they are pretty much sensitive as we are. As people think animals do not have emotions or feelings, they forget to take into consideration how they are being imprisoned in zoos. Some of the people even think as we are saving animals from the wildlife difficulties, from their risk of death by imprisoning them in zoos. However, this is absolutely false. Just as humans, animals too, are smart and can have feelings of happiness, anger, sadness and so on. Imprisoning them in zoos is nothing than persecuting them. At the same time, the idea of imprisoning them into zoos is both logically and morally wrong.

Torture in zoos:

  • Especially wild animals are in constant movement and they need large space enough to reproduce their species. Zoos do not provide these enough spaces, in which usually animals either are being imprisoned in cages or they are provided with small places.
  • In some zoos, animals are being killed. There was an example happened: because there was no enough space for two giraffes where one of the giraffes were killed in front of kids, and its body was thrown away to lions. It is very clear that killing animals in zoos has become something as a part of the zoo system. Whenever there is no space enough or an animal makes a problem, its body is sent to another wild animal to be eaten from.
  • Because of their stress by being imprisoned in cages, animals can enter into stress or crisis. In such cases, animals are being treated very bad in zoos. They are being beaten, punished, and not getting their meal. They are not fed enough even when they stay calm. Animals are provided with small spaces in zoos, fed badly, treated badly; because of this, they live less than they should do naturally. Which means zoos are torture for animals.

What can we do instead?

  • Support at least wildlife parks instead of zoos: No one has the right to imprison animals in cages neither logically nor morally. In this way, you can benefit both humans as well as animals in danger of extinction.
  • Do not go or send your children to zoo or circus school trips: All human structures that might be cruel to animals must be closed, animals should go back where they really belong. If we stop visiting these places, they will be closed just as there are few circuses still existing nowadays.

Think about it, how would you feel like if you’d be imprisoned in a limited place just like the animals in zoos?

Copyright: Dream Humanity