Before you become irritated by that sensitive person you know, try to see things from a different perspective. Not every situation in life can be handled in the same manner, neither can they be seen in the same light. To be sensitive, is to understand a whole new way of living life. It really is much different than it seems, but that doesn’t mean sensitivity is a bad thing, no not at all.

Sensitive people are awake to some things we cannot see

If you love a highly sensitive person and you want to help them deal with life’s issues, then there are 6 things you can do that will prove beneficial. Not only should you strive to be their confidant, you should also be equipped with ideas and actions that will make life easier for this person.


First of all, you must be supportive. Instead of criticizing the way that sensitive people show emotion, try to understand your differences. A sensitive person will openly show they are feeling – anger, love, happiness – they will wear these emotions on their sleeves. Instead of asking them why, help them process what they’re feeling. They will accept your support and it will make them feel much better about who they are as individuals.


Most of the sensitive people I know move at their own pace. What I mean is they don’t really prefer to be in a rush like others. They will make sure to get to work on time, but even that causes a small bit of stress in the process. If you notice your sensitive friend of loved one taking their time, don’t cause undue stress. Allow the sensitive person to move at their own pace until rush is needed.


Sensitive people, although they crave the company of good friends, also require their own space. The reason that alone time is so important to the sensitive person is because they need an area to recharge, regroup and rethink any or everything that they have done or will do. Sensitive people are usually analytical, and being alone allows them to think things through without interruption. You must allow this process.


For some reason, sensitive people don’t care for bright lighting. Maybe it’s the added stress of thinking that more light means more attention, and some sensitive people like to stay out of the spotlight. Or, maybe the light just generates too much heat and this irritates the sensitivities of this personality. Whatever the case, try to use lower lighting, especially in rooms where sensitive people choose to spend their alone time. Although this sounds strange, it might work wonders for understanding your sensitive friends.


Sensitive people are attracted to beauty, whether it’s the beauty of nature or the beauty of a clean and organized space. Clutter is so irritating to this personality that messes actually cause anxiety symptoms. If you want to learn more and understand your sensitive friend, take them to a lake, a park or even on a hike. They will appreciate the open-wide spaces and devour nature’s beauty. Also, strive to keep a clean, clutter-free environment as another way to soothe sensitivities.


If you truly love your sensitive person, allow them to get plenty of sleep. One of the worst enemies of the sensitive personality is the lack of a good night’s sleep, comfortable and free of interruptions. Sensitive people also appreciate ambient music and nature sounds as a way to get to sleep. You can help by suggesting songs and melodies that will help your friend get ample rest.

Being sensitive is not a bad thing, and yes, it does take some adjustment when helping other sensitive people thrive in this world. But we all have our negative and positive characteristics, so being merciful and loving is always the best option. Remember, all it takes is a little effort to be a friend and help those who are just a little more sensitive than we are.

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