There are a lot of misconceptions about women (and men) when it comes to sex. Everyone has their own opinions and preferences but facts are facts.

Women and even some men can’t just jump into the mood. They have to be charmed and romanced. All the burdens of the day can really weigh in on a person’s mind and body. You need to relax them and get them in the mood. Here is a list that might help if you’re really not sure where to start.

1. Be Flirty All Day: Start the day with a sweet and sexy good morning text. Throughout your day, make her feel wanted.

2. Help More Around The House: Men don’t understand how sexy it is to see him cleaning. But trust me, if you help out around the house more; she will notice and you will be greatly rewarded; especially after a long day of work and kids.

3. Be a Gentleman: Most ladies want a gentleman. She doesn’t want a guy who plays childish games. Treat her right and in return, she will treat you better than you could ever imagine.

4. Take Pride In Your Appearance: She puts a lot into how she looks for you so do the same for her. Wear clothes that you know she likes to see you in, you don’t have to be fancy or uncomfortable; just be the you that she loves just dress it up a bit.

5. Put On Your Favorite Cologne: Women need all their senses stimulated. Pick her favorite scent that you’re accustomed to wearing and you won’t be disappointed.

6. Clean Up Your “Area”: Your lady will appreciate it so much. You don’t have to lose everything but cleaning up is nice. Don’t you love it when she does it? Why can’t you?

7. Let Her Feel Exceptional: Compliment her tremendously. Tell her how much she means to you. Don’t make her feel like she’s just there for your pleasure.

8. Romance Her. Be cheesy. You may feel like a fool but she will eat it up and absolutely adore it. Sing her a corny love song, write love notes, and send her flowers. Replay a scene in her favorite rom-com.

9. Flirt Like A School Boy: Flirt with her like you’re still in high school. Make her giddy. Make her have flashbacks to when you were first trying to win her over.

10. Massage Her: If her body and mind are at rest and relaxed, it’s that much easier to get her in the mood. Who doesn’t want that?

11. Whisper Sweet Nothings: Tell her how you remember the first time you saw her. Tell her everything you remember about the day you met. Touch her soul, not her body.

12. Foreplay Is Key: Don’t just push her against the wall as soon as you walk through the door. Kiss her tenderly and passionately. Women go crazy over long slow kisses.

13. Find Her Tender Places: Choose any spot that sends her over the edge. Her shoulders, neck, or ears, make sure you don’t skip a single one.

14. Oral Fixation: She needs more external stimulation to get in the mood. If you use your tongue between her legs, her mind (and body) will solely be on you.

15. Orgasms Are Everything: She doesn’t quit until you get yours. She should get hers at least once if not multiples. And it makes everything ‘OH’ so much better.

Sex is a major role in any romance. These tips will not only help you in the bedroom but will also improve your relationship. And we can guarantee the majority of these will knock her socks off. Go ahead and take a risk on things, you never know what she’ll love unless you try it. So give these a try and let us know how they worked for you!

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