Can we overcome anger to find peace within ourselves?

You get angry when you become frustrated, unhappy or your emotions are hurt. When experiences don’t go as planned you also can develop anger.

Anger never helps. It can consume your energy; spoil your health and relationships. It will cause you to act and respond in ways you don’t intend. Anger can sometimes cause us a lot of pain and suffering. Rarely does this emotion ever give us the desired effect that we intend.

Not everything in life will go our way and people will not always act accordingly to our will. This is basic knowledge.

People tend to get sensitive over insignificant matters. We might think that we are angry with good reason, but in a year it is quite possible that you will be dealing with a different situation and a different problem. You will have forgotten about what you are currently dealing with.

Here are a few tips to help you find inner peace within yourself:

  1. We have to stop making excuses for our anger. As much as we like to do so blaming others for our frustrations isn’t going to help us overcome anything. In fact, it might make us very bitter towards our friends and family.
  2. Forgiveness is helpful when trying to conquer anger. Through forgiveness, we are allowed to let go of any burden. We are able to release any negative feelings that we have towards someone or something.
  3. It is your choice to choose if the words or actions someone says affect your mood. You have the ability to maintain an inner attitude of emotion. Don’t let everything play with your emotions and cause your anger to grow.
  4. Learn to keep calm. Learning to stay calm can also grant you a piece of mind. It is a great method to overcome anger and negative emotions. Being at peace will allow you to conquer anxiety, negative thinking, and allow you to tranquil in hard situations that life tosses at you.
  5. Try to be more positive, optimistic even. You will find out that thinking positive will allow you to be at peace and allow you to search for an even greater happiness.
  6. Have an open sense of humor. Laughing will always help you lighten your mood.
  7. When you feel anger swelling inside of you try to inhale and exhale slowly, focus on it.
  8. Be more tolerant to ALL people, not to just those you like or get along with, but even the ones you dislike.

Without anger, we call all grow to be happier people and have peace in our minds and hearts. Sometimes our calmness will even set an example to others causing a ripple effect. We can also become more physically healthy without stress.

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