It’s easy to describe the person you don’t want as a mate. All you do is think of all the qualities that are unattractive to you. But it’s not so easy to name the qualities that are important in a soulmate, the qualities you really desire. Not everyone keeps a list of these qualities, but it’s good to know when you’re actively searching.

With that being said, does a soulmate really exist? Is there someone out there that is specially formulate for you? Most people believe there is such a person. The only way to figure this out is to gather the characteristics of your ideal mate, and compare them with prospective love interests.

Photo by: Cameron Gray

  1. A soul mate should be supportive. You should be the center of their life, apart from their healthy love of self and image. They will be your biggest fan, pushing you toward your goals and dreams.
  1. A soul mate should not cause pain and sorrow, rather they should add value. Each and every day should get better because of what your mate adds to your life., a value that inspires you and helps you grow day by day.
  1. They should adore you, but without worshipping you. Simple adoration comes in many forms and it will show in a respectful way.
  1. True love comes with compromise. I am sure you’ve heard couples talk about this subject but it really is important. Without compromise, there will always be a bitter over-tone to the relationship and someone will always have the upper hand. A healthy couple will be able to meet in the middle and accept the differences. Neither one of you will be right all the time, so compromise is essential.
  1. Your family will be important to your soul mate. They will strive to meet your family and find ways to formulate bonds with them as well.
  1. Trust will always be important no matter how hard you try to harbor doubts. True love requires a great amount of trust in order to grow and survive. If a soul mate exists, you will know it by the outstanding trust they show in you. You should appreciate this when you notice it and try to return the same trust as well.
  1. If you think that they are your soulmate, then they should love you just as you are, warts and all. They should not expect you to change in order for them to love you.
  1. Walls will not be up, and communication will be easy. If you have a partner that can and will tell you everything, then you have a good one.
  1. A keeper is one who will keep you in check, but won’t come off as a dictator. Making sure they tell you when they feel you are out of line, is an important act and decision. They should not be afraid to speak up.
  1. Love with your soulmate will be easy. There will be fights, mind you, but for the most part, there will be a loving, comforting and secure feeling which surrounds the both of you.

So, what do you think? Do you think a soul mate really exists?

Are you looking for your soulmate? I think we all have at some point. Well, these indicators are dependable signs that guide you in the right direction, and maybe, just maybe there is such a thing as a soul mate. Don’t take these things for granted, I can attest to every one of them. And you know why?

Because I see them all in the man I love. I truly believe that he is my soul mate.

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