An interesting prediction about humans can be found in the emerald tablets and the book of revelations that says: ‘During the end times of the Kali Yuga, 144,000 lightworkers will incarnate in order to save the earth from darkness’.

What’s most interesting about this prediction is it’s starting to realize. Most of the alleged lightworkers are present today and awakening themselves and others around to see the purpose of their birth on this planet. Most of them don’t actually know or remember who they are.

Psychic and spiritual teachers say that the memories of those 144,000 were programmed, scheduled and triggered to awaken their own mind and the mind of others at this time in order to save earth from the forces of darkness.

Although many assume that the ‘darkness’ means fighting demons and gods or even apocalypse, it’s simpler than that. By saving the earth we mean – saving ourselves. The earth will do just fine with or without humans but there’s something rotten and dead in us and our soul that needs to be revived again. And that’s where the lightworkers kick in.

Lightworkers are actually healers on many levels like a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level in order to revive the human spirit with their energy, of course, if they learn how to manage and control their power. This is what we mean by ‘saving the earth from darkness’. And once they start healing, there’s no turning back. They will create a powerful wave that no one is going to be able to stop it in future. The wave that washes negative behavior. Humanity will revive again. And it has to revive because we’ve failed this earth in so many different ways.

Are you in doubt whether you’re one of the 144,000 chosen to save the earth? Keep reading and find out the 10 common personality traits every lightworker has:

  1. As a child, you always identified with super heroes and heroic characters. And you still identify with them, even if you’re a grown up now.
  2. Your purpose in life is not superficial but deep and not everyone who knows you know that. Although you’re sometimes doubting your mission on this earth, you like to believe that you were born for something more than just pay bills and survive.
  3. You are intuitive and have an inner understanding of spirituality. Your knowledge is higher than the knowledge of others and wisdom is one of your natural traits.
  4. If you’re a lightworker, you must love people. However, you also hate them at the same time. Sometimes you get confused by your mixed up emotions and that’s okay. It’s like you love them because you know who they really are, but hate them because they tend to hide or change their identity and act or think negative.
  5. Lightworkers are anxious most of the time and prone to panic attacks.
  6. You adore animals and you can’t stand people who harm them in order to satisfy their own needs. Lightworkers are usually vegans and animal right activists.
  7. Injustice makes you lose you your mind and temper. You can’t stand unfairness because you believe that everyone has the same rights on this planet. And you’re right.
  8. You always try to improve other people’s mood and you tell jokes in tense situations. You are a crying shoulder for everyone and the person who cheers people up when they’re feeling down.
  9. You are a walking inspiration, and sometimes you’re not aware of your power over people.
  10. You always bond dualities like science and spirituality, technology and nature, psychology and philosophy into oneness.

The time of awakening has come because we have entered the 11th hour of the big change that’s happening on earth right now. Lightworkers, it’s time to wake up and start to awaken others. If you identify with most of the personality traits, YOU were chosen.

Make the first stage and step outside your comfort zone, erase materialism from your life, live every moment and smell the coffee. Put on your intuition and motivation and s save the earth starting today. You are more than this and your purpose is much deeper than the purpose of others. And you know that. Reject trends and norms and break the rules.

Do everything that makes you feel alive and teach other people how to do the same. Follow your heart. Your heart knows the way. Heal humanity. Please.

Based On: Life Coach Code