As we know, last days, Elon Musk’s first thrilling car was the top topic all over the world. But it also raised doubts about where the Roadster is heading in the depths of space.

The researchers calculated that Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster car entered Mars’s orbit and will possibly hit the world in a few million years.

The Canadian University of Toronto team says that after a few million years, this car is 6% likely to hit the earth, but in 3 million years it will be up to 10%. It may look like a small rate, but it’s actually quite important.

The team, specializing in orbiting mechanics, set up a simulation model to predict the future potential of 240 automobiles, launched on SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket on February 6th. They say it is possible to determine the statistical probabilities of future collisions, although it is difficult to obtain exact figures due to the chaotic orbit.

The car has an elliptical orbit that lasts 1.5 years. This is 1.7 AU from the Mars orbit (1 AU distance from the Sun-Earth). The vehicle will then perform an oscillation of up to 0.99 AU.

The team also says that the first encounter between the vehicle and the world will be approximately in 2091. The car that will approach as the distance between the moon; and the world will even be visible with telescopes on Earth. There are also a few different possibilities for subsequent orbit changes, of course.

The other conclusions of the research is that:

1)The probability of the vehicle crashing into Venus in a few million years is 2.5%

2)It is less likely to hit the sun within 3 million years,

3)The life of the vehicle can last for a few 10 million years.

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