People’s intelligence can manifest in many different manners. Sometimes intelligent people do spontaneous things that don’t connote with their IQ and look ridiculous, while sometimes you can notice they’re smart by their personality traits. However, someone who’s proficient in one area can show a lack of knowledge and capacity to understand other areas.

For example, a brilliant scientist or mathematician may suck at poetry and art or learn foreign languages. Only small amount of people are smart enough to gain knowledge in different areas and use that knowledge in practice. Those are the people who are extremely intelligent and can function on a much higher level than others. You can recognize these geniuses by the next 10 personality traits that are common for brilliant individuals. If you recognize the same traits in yourself, then you’re probably one of them. Keep reading and check out!

  1. They keep their mind open

Extremely intelligent people know they should always keep their mind open to new information, challenges, and possibilities. Stagnation and limits kill them and their hunger for learning. These people stay away from strong beliefs and absolute truths although they’re perfectly capable of forming and apply them in their life.

  1. They are never rude

It takes time and energy to fight with people and insult them and not to mention that the time and energy spent on fighting is wasted. Brilliant people know that and that’s why they always have something smarter to do than insulting you or argue about stupid banal things. Extremely intelligent people always consider something before saying it, unlike average people who let their tongue be faster than their brain.

  1. They hate small talks

Extremely intelligent people don’t find anything interesting in small talks or gossiping. They always start a conversation that’s meaningful and deep or remain silent when they don’t have anything else to say. However, silence with these people is comfortable and pleasant. They will never get involved in something if it’s meaningless and doesn’t affect them or others in a positive way. And that’s why average people often think of them as non-sociable individuals.

  1. They don’t try to fit in

Because they were born to stand out and they know it. It’s simple. Why do something you don’t want to do with people who don’t fit your personality or lifestyle? You don’t have to follow the crowd. Let the crowd follow you. That’s their life motto.

  1. They are aware that no one is a saint

You don’t become a saint by counting other people’s sins or mistakes. Everyone makes a mistake. And extremely intelligent people know that, unlike average people who get mad about everything and waste their time and energy for nothing. They accept other people’s mistakes and forgive just like they accept their own mistakes and forgive themselves in order to grow.

  1. They are always objective

Instead of letting their emotions control their mind, extremely intelligent people tend to be objective all the time. When someone does something wrong, instead of pointing out their mistake, brilliant people will offer a different perspective and a possible solution. They don’t care if they lose or win an argument. All they care about is helping others to understand that sometimes things can be done in a better and more suitable way.

  1. They don’t let emotions speak in their name

An extremely intelligent person will do whatever it takes to stay calm and don’t lose their temper. Brilliant people know that if they let their emotions take over their mind, and affect their behavior, people may get offended and hurt. They never leave the room without putting a calm end to a conversation and leave the other side angry or annoyed. They tend to stay relaxed and seek for a logical solution to every problem or difficult situation.

  1. They trust their intuition

Although it sounds cliché, sometimes the best solution to your problem hides in your intuition and extremely intelligent people know that. They trust their instincts because they know that instincts exist for a reason – to guide us through life.

  1. They prefer actions instead of words

An extremely intelligent person doesn’t just talk empty but stands behind his words with his actions. They know better than to stay paralyzed in their thoughts and do nothing. They always take risks because they know that not taking any risk in life is the biggest risk you can take.

  1. They don’t ask for approval

By judging someone else you reveal who you really are because what bothers you about other people is the same you carry in yourself. Intelligent people don’t worry about people gossiping them or judging them because the only opinion about themselves that matters is their own. They respect other people’s opinion but that doesn’t mean they have to accept it. Brilliant people always have something more productive to do than asking you for approval.

Based On: Life Coach Code