Although Zodiac is the most common way we predict our future and hear what the stars, planets and the Universe have to tell us, sometimes, certain signs can do the same. The Zodiac may point out our main personality traits, common favorite colors and future expectations, however, it can’t send us a spiritual message like certain signs can.

The secret of the signs hides in our own perception. If a certain sign catches our sight, it means that the particular sign has something to tell us about ourselves at the moment. We’ve prepared 6 different signs with a different spiritual message. Set your intention, pick one symbol and listens to what it has to say about your current spiritual condition.

  1. If you picked this sign, it means that the Universe wants to tell you that what you needed to do, has been done and now you can finally sit back and relax. Enjoy the fruits of your hard work and stop with the overthinking. The Universe also wants to thank you for not giving up and for spreading the message of awakening to others. It means you are seen as a wise spiritual teacher who inspires people. You were given a gift – to help people awaken from the dream they’re living and become better human beings. You experienced many lately and grew enough to help others grow too. Next thing you can do is to start your own blog, share your message to the world, plant a tree, start a healthy diet and or just take a break before you head towards the advanced level of awakening.
  2. Picking the second sign means that it’s time for you to connect with people around you but first – you need to connect with yourself and nature as well. Stop feeling like you’re alone in this world because you’re not. In fact, you’re a part of the Universe and connected to every animal, plant, and human being on this planet. All you have to do is open your heart and take that connection to a more profound level. Although you feel the connection from time to time, you tend to ignore it and now it’s time you stop. Take the mask off your face and free your mind. You will be surprised how all your issues will work out Kill your ego and whenever you feel bad about something, ask yourself: ‘What can I do to bring out the best of this situation and connect to it in order to think objectively?’ Stop acting and start living instead.
  3. It’s time for a break! You have been working your ass off to get what you want and you need to rest before you continue your race. If not, you will fall on the grown and lose everything you were fighting for. Every great person needs to rest from time to time in order to fill his batteries. Aside from this, it’s time to learn how to be more spontaneous and how to take bigger risks. Not taking a risk in life is the biggest risk you can take. You can learn a lot from skipping your schedule and just go with the flow. Stop feeling guilty for wanting to do something for yourself and do it already. Reward yourself – you deserve it! And smile more because it seems like you have forgotten how to smile lately.
  4. Why are you so superficial and refuse to look deeper? Each answer to your questions lies deep inside your heart. All you have to do is allow yourself to look without fear. Although your mind is confused at the moment, picking this sign shows that you seek for solutions and if you open your mind and heart – solutions are going to come to you. In order to improve your intuition and prepare your mind and heart for opening, consider practicing meditation, going for a walk alone or have a drink at the bar all by yourself. The Universe wants to bond with you and help you bring your life in order. Unfreeze your heart and let people get close to you again. Revive your faith in humanity and trust everyone – you have NOTHING to lose, except for the wrong people. Remember that!
  5. It’s time you give your life a structure. However, your sign is not talking about any structure but the structure you always It’s time you realize your dreams. Yes, those childish dreams you decided to hide under the carpet and live a normal life. Normal is not for you. You were born to stand out, so don’t try to fit in! Stop spending your time and energy on doing things you hate doing and focus on what’s important – your dreams. It’s the perfect time to clear your life from negative people and quit everything that affects your life in a negative way. You are brave. You can do it. Stop doubting.
  6. You have been struggling with life for a long time and today is the day when you let everything go with the flow. Trust the Universe and stop planning your life because a wise man once said that life happens while we make plans. Stop pushing yourself and relax because good things take time. Give your mind some space and clear your thoughts. Nothing is the way it seems. You are just confused and you will soon enter the first stage of awakening. Avoid making any choice and just go with the flow. Start meditating, read books or travel – alone. You will be surprised how traveling can heal your wounds.

Based On: The Usual Routine