A recent study has discovered that the drunk you is probably the real you. According to the results from the studies, when we’re drunk, our personality doesn’t change and we’re nothing different from when we’re sober. This was proved by sober people who observed their drunk friends during the study. Apparently, the drunk participants noticed a change in their behavior and personality, however, their friends stated that their friends are nothing different when sober.

Although many will probably deny the truthfulness of this statement and claim that when they’re drunk, they’re totally different people, the study made by the Clinical Psychological Science proves that the drunk you is probably the true version of yourself. Screaming, laughing loudly, crying or even arguing and fighting while drunk is all your attitude traits, and drinking doesn’t justify your actions because everything you do while drunk – you would do the same when sober. Alcohol only boosts your courage and make you fearless.

We know that society believes that drunk people are not aware of their words and actions, however, we have to disagree with their opinion. According to the study, people who consumed alcohol certainly noticed a change in their personality or behavior but whatever they feel or think of doing is what hides inside of them when they’re sober.

For example, if you cry after getting drunk, it could mean that you are depressed but try to suppress your true emotions. Same with yelling or arguing with others. Are you a person who argues with everyone on the table after getting drunk? If yes, then you probably have an inner conflict with yourself, or with someone, you can’t reach. In order to take out your anger, you unconsciously decide to argue with people who sit next to you or find someone unknown and start a usual fight like the one we see in movies.

Anyway, this isn’t the only study which proves that the drunk you is probably the truest version of yourself. Another study made by researchers of the University of Missouri found out that people who observe drunk people rarely notice any difference or change in the drunk subject’s behavior or personality.

In order to test this concept, Rachel Winograd, an author and psychological scientist at the same university, decided to gather 156 students and ask them to describe their ‘sober personality and behavior’ and their ‘drunk personality and behavior’. After, Winograd dismissed the students and told them to have a drink in the lab. After 15 minutes of absorption, they were supposed to complete puzzles and play games. In order to make the study more efficient, the students were supposed to make a break and rate their personality twice during their play which was recorded on camera and observed by people from the side.

When Winograd compared their results, she found out that when drink, students feel more open to new experiences, emotionally stable, happier and more extroverted. However, the observers she assigned didn’t notice a difference between the sober and drunk students.

Winograd was surprised when she saw the results and although the students reported differences in their personalities and behaviors in all factors of the famous 5 Factor Model o personality, none of the observers noticed any change or difference between the sober and the drunk students. And one more time, a study has proven that the drunk you is probably the real you.

This is for everyone who claims that drinking changes their personality and ‘force’ them to yell, argue, cheat on their partners, or fight with people. It’s not the alcohol but your hidden personality that makes all the chaos when drunk.