Although saying ‘I am sorry’ is nice when we make a mistake or hurt someone, sometimes apologizing too much can lower our self-esteem and ruin our personality. And not just that. People we apologize to even when it’s not necessary will start taking us for granted or put the blame on us everytime they make a mistake or try to molest our spirit.

You are not allowed to hurt any other human being and if you do, it’s okay to apologize, however, in order to avoid unnecessary complications in a relationship with people, keep reading and find out the 10 things you need to stop apologizing for starting today.

  1. Stop apologizing for your feelings. Apologizing for telling someone how you feel is like apologizing for being real. Although your emotions may hurt someone, it’s better to tell them how you feel before further complications occur. Also, if someone can’t accept your honesty, doesn’t deserve you and your ability, to be honest in times when people think that lies are useful.
  2. Stop apologizing for your dreams. A person without dreams is like a walking dead. Don’t let people make you feel guilty for having big dreams or ambitions. It’s there to convince you that you can’t achieve them, but it’s yours to prove them wrong.
  3. Stop apologizing for your type of love partner. You don’t like someone and you tell that person that he/she isn’t your type. Instead of shaking your hand and leave, the person tries to make you feel guilty or picky in order to keep you by their side which is a complete nonsense. Stop apologizing to someone for not being your type and start walking away from people who make you feel guilty for not going against your own will.
  4. Stop apologizing for listening to your heart and intuition. You did something you thought is right in order to help someone, and instead of thanking you, that person makes you feel guilty for trying to help them. Never apologize for listening to your heart and intuition to people who don’t deserve anything from you.
  5. Stop apologizing for your beliefs. No matter if you’re an Atheist, Christian, Catholic or believe in some other religion, never apologize for your beliefs. You have the right to believe in what you want or doubt everything. There are no rules or proves. Only free will and assumptions.
  6. Stop apologizing for your looks. You gained a little weight or lost a few pounds? So what? People who love you will continue loving you no matter what.
  7. Stop apologizing for the ability to earn more money than your partner. Most men get offended and ashamed of themselves if their woman earns more money. Stop apologizing for being smart and capable of taking care of yourself. If a man has a problem with you making more money than him, it’s his problem.
  8. Stop apologizing for caring too much. You call in order to check out on someone you care, and instead of thanking you, the person you’re checking on starts yelling on you. Never, ever apologize for caring too much but stop caring for people who don’t appreciate your effort.
  9. Stop apologizing when turning back to your fake friends. You realized your friends were fake and gossiped you behind your back? Good for you. However, what’s not good for you is to apologize before leaving them. Ask yourself: ‘Did they apologize to me before they stab the knife in my back or after?’ Learn how to walk away from people without an apology.
  10. Stop apologizing for expressing your opinion. Everyone has an opinion and everyone has the right to express it. Period. Never apologize for that, to anyone.

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