Next time someone asks you why are you attracted to people who are wrong for you, instead of feeling uncomfortable or guilty, reply with the perfect answer: ‘Because my wounded self is attracting the wrong people’. Their next question will probably refer to the meaning of your wounded self and if you don’t know how to explain, we’re here to help.

Everyone has their wounded self, which in other words mean – ego. However, we also have a higher self or a spiritual side known as ‘the soul’ that balances our personality. Our wounded side is a part of us that makes us feel incomplete. And if we let this side take over our mind, we will start questioning our worth and makes us wonder if we’re really lovable.

Opposite of our wounded side is our spiritual side – our soul that’s connected to wisdom, love, peace, and wisdom. Our spiritual side undoubtedly knows our value and worth. Although it’s better to let this side overcome the wounded side and enjoy life, we usually let our wounded side to take over and follow our ego instead. Our ego the main threat to our happiness and can bring nothing positive. A person who’s always in need of validation and expects other people to fix them and make them feel complete will never feel real happiness because they’re too much focused on their misery. If we let our ego overcome our spiritual side, we will always feel incomplete because that’s the very nature of ego – to make you think less of yourself.

People who are under the influence of their ego, increase the power of their wounded side once they get into a romantic relationship. Why? Because a relationship is where people hold the most wounding. Once we survive a disappointment or pain in a relationship in the past, we remember it and carry that wound with ourselves till the rest of our life – unconsciously, most of the time. And guess what? Your subconscious mind is ‘programmed’ to attract people with the same wounds as you and activate them in order to grow and overcome what’s happened to you in the past. Although this is the most irritating part of our growth, we can see it from another more pleasant point of view. Think of it as a process that replays your wounds in order to heal them. People can’t heal their wounds if they’re not aware of their existence and that’s why we meet people who awake us and remind us of our old wounds.

If we are smart enough, we will use the opportunity and overcome our pain and heal our wounds once and for all. However, if we fall under the influence of our ego, we will start hurting other people the way we’ve were hurt once in order to feel better and complete. But our wounds will never heal and our pain will never go away because we can feel better only if we accept what happened and move on. How to accept and move on? Identify with your soul and remember that your spiritual side knows your true worth more than your ego. Only by identifying with your soul, you can feel complete and truly happy.

So what if you have flaws and imperfections? You are a human but most important of all – you are your soul, and souls are not perfect but tend toward perfection.

You are YOU. You are valuable. You are one of a kind. You are lovable. You are irreplaceable.

And that’s what your soul wants you to know. And once you come to realize this or in other words – connect with your soul on a higher level, the attraction of the wrong people will disappear because you will no longer need healing. You will learn that each ‘wrong’ person you’ve met in life was your teacher or someone who pushed you to see your soul better.

Are you always attracted to the wrong people as many others in the world? Do you think that connecting with your soul and heal your wounds before you connect with other people in future is a good idea? Or do you have some other idea on how to stop attracting the wrong people? Share it with us in the comments below.