Instead of finding a way to simplify our life, we tend to create numerous ways in order to make it even more complicated. It’s like we do it on purpose. And although we know what we shouldn’t do – we do it anyway and complain after. Why? Because most of us don’t know how to handle things and manage their life to avoid unnecessary complications. Are you unnecessarily complicating your life? Scroll down and read the 10 indicators that prove you always make things more difficult than they really are and learn how to stop doing it in future.

  1. You take things personally

Your friend went out with another friend without inviting you. Your mom forgot to congratulate you on your new car or job. Your colleague didn’t invite you to lunch today. Your boyfriend forgot about the day you two kissed for the first time. So what? Stop taking things so personally because everyone has its own reasons for doing things. And remember that people sometimes forget, just like every other human being on earth.

  1. You are the center of the world

You believe that the world spins around you and only you. You have the main role in your own movie and everyone else has a less important role than yours. You are the one who wrote the main script, however, you forgot to show it to the other people so they could act in your show.

You have your fictional end of the movie and you expect everything to be the way you imagined. And when something doesn’t work out, for example, someone doesn’t fall in love with you or don’t receive the promotion you’ve been waiting for – the movie you produced in your head falls apart and you feel miserable. You must understand that you are not the center of the world and you don’t always have to plan everything. Sometimes you just need to go with the flow.

  1. You are always negative

You have a bad habit of predicting only the worst outcome of everything. Why so serious? Why so negative? Always look at the bright side, and if you can’t – just ignore the bad one because what you think is what you attract in life. And if you think of the worst, that’s what you’ll be facing in future until you realize that positive thinking is a key to happiness.

  1. You expect much from people

We all have our shortcomings and one of them is not being able to read other people’s mind and fulfill everyone’s wishes. Your family and friends aren’t an exception and you must learn not to expect much from people, because if you do – you will end up disappointed. Increase your expectations from yourself instead, and maximize your happiness and self-esteem once you get things done by yourself.

  1. You rely on destiny and fate

You make a mistake – it’s God’s fault. You broke up with someone – it’s meant to be. You want to start something new – you are waiting for a sign from God. Stop relying that much on God and fate and start relying on yourself more. We’re not advising you to change your beliefs but to shape your ‘destiny’ instead of leaving ‘destiny’ shape your life.

  1. You never risk in life

Not taking a risk in life is the biggest risk you can take but you don’t like risks because you are afraid of the outcome. Kill your fears and be spontaneous. Go with the flow and play games with life in order to win everything your life has to give you. We promise your winnings will always overcome your failures and if nothing else, you will gain more life experience.

  1. You always compare yourself to other people

Many are more beautiful than me. John has more money than me. Shon travels more in a year than me in 10 years. STOP IT because comments like this won’t make you better looking, richer or give you a ticket to everywhere. Stop comparing yourself with others and start comparing with the person you see in the mirror every day. Only that way you can get everything you want. Teddy Roosevelt once said: ‘Comparision is the theft of joy’ and he was certainly right.

  1. You don’t appreciate your own time

Negative people, people who talk constantly, jealous people, fake friends. You let all these people get near you and steal your time. Limit the access to your time only to people who appreciate it and deserve it. Protect yourself and your time because you are the most important person in your life and your time is the only thing you really own. Not money. Not possessions. Not people. NOTHING but your TIME.

  1. You just can’t let go of the wrong people

You can’t get over your ex-girlfriend. You can’t stop grieving over someone you’ve lost forever. You can’t stop remembering people who have forgotten about you. You are not able to forgive but able to revenge. Is this really who you want to be? Let go of the wrong people once and for all and move on. Forgive them not because they deserve but because you deserve peace.

  1. You don’t care about anyone except for yourself

When you feel bad – do good because involving yourself into a volunteer project will affect your mood and make you feel better about yourself. Not to mention that you will do something meaningful for the world. You are able to help people. We all are but the main question is why don’t we do it on a daily basis? Give a compliment. Say something kind to someone. Motivate someone. Defocus from yourself and focus on everything else that’s surrounding you. Remember that there are two types of people in the world: Givers who are pleased and happy and takes who are selfish and miserable? Which type do you belong to?

Reference: Thought Catalog